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Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Brings Together Thought Leaders

Some of the thought leaders in sustainability will be discussing practical initiatives for the beauty industry at the upcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit ( Taking place in Paris, 18-20 October, the summit is the first of its kind that focuses on various methods to reduce the environmental and social impacts of beauty products.

With research showing that the highest environmental footprint is from cosmetic packaging and ingredients, the summit devotes two sessions and workshops to these key areas. The Green Formulations session aims to tackle some of the leading ingredient & technical issues, whilst the Sustainable Packaging session looks at various methods to reduce the packaging impact.

Titled Lowering Environmental Impacts, the opening session of the summit explores the various sustainability activities beauty companies can undertake. Professor Michael Braungart, founder of EPEA International and author, will illustrate how the Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) design approach can be used to measure and reduce environmental impacts. Rainer Plum, founder of Tautropfen and New Ethics Institute, will highlight positive case studies of CSR and corporate ethics in the beauty industry. Rik Kutsch Lojenga from the Union for Ethical BioTrade will reveal its latest biodiversity barometer research, whilst Beraca will show how ethical sourcing can have a positive impact on social communities and the environment. The Brazilian company has won several awards for encouraging sustainable development in the Amazon basin. Other papers look at common methods to offset carbon emissions and how beauty companies can become carbon neutral.

With high interest in ecological ingredients and standards, the Green Formulations session hones in some of the major issues. An update is given of the leading natural & organic cosmetic standards in Europe (Cosmos and NaTrue), followed by a discussion of the practical implications of the new European Cosmetics Directive. Subsequent papers look at some of the challenges companies face in developing ‘green cosmetics’, covering surfactants, emulsifiers and natural actives.

The potential of organic fragrances is explored by CPL Aromas, which has successfully managed to develop and market certified fragrances. David Reccole, founder of NatureCos and Couleur Caramel, will go through the technical hurdles in obtaining organic certification for colour cosmetics. The company has shown rapid growth to become the largest natural colour cosmetics firm in Europe, operating several organic make-up cafés in Paris.

Slowing market growth rates and rising competition are bringing marketing to the forefront in the natural cosmetics industry. The third session of the summit discusses Marketing and Distribution Innovations, giving case studies of companies who are successfully meeting the ethical and ecological challenges. Organic Monitor kicks off the session with an update of the European natural & organic cosmetics market, highlighting the major market and competitive developments. Details are given of emerging distribution strategies, such as investing in concept stores and e-tailing.

Ido Leffler, co-founder of Yes To Carrots, will discuss the challenges and pitfalls of expanding distribution. Since its launch in 2007, Yes To Carrots has expanded distribution to over 25,000 outlets. Leffler will outline how his company has overcome major obstacles to successfully compete with mass market brands. A leading European retailer will share its experiences with natural cosmetics and outline its sustainability initiatives. Other papers look at the growth in e-tailing, social media and consumer insights.

With packaging having the largest environmental impact of beauty products, the final session is devoted to Sustainable Packaging. The session opens by giving a broad overview of the various ways beauty companies can reduce their packaging footprint. The potential of biopolymers in beauty packaging applications is explored by Mirel Bioplastics, whilst a leading packaging firm looks at novel uses of recycled packaging in beauty products. Other papers cover eco-packaging designs, reusable packaging and novel applications. John Delfausse from Aveda will share some of the company’s pioneering packaging initiatives. Aveda is the world’s largest user of Post Consumer Grind packaging in the beauty industry.

Sustainable packaging is the subject of an interactive workshop on day three of the programme. With the use of case studies, the workshop leader will illustrate how beauty companies can adopt sustainable packaging solutions. Another plenary workshop focuses on one of the most contentious issues in the cosmetics industry: the role of parabens as preservatives. Judi Beerling, head of technical research at Organic Monitor, will go through the various paraben-free preservative systems, highlighting the formulation and technical issues involved.

Organized by Organic Monitor, the aim of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders and debate key industry issues in a high-level forum. This new edition of the summit is believed to be the first-ever summit that is dedicated to practical initiatives that lower the environmental and social impacts of beauty products.

About the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

The launch of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit follows the success of Organic Monitor’s various seminars, workshops and summits on the organic & related product industries. In 2009 alone, over 600 executives from 5 continents have attended such events at various international locations that include Frankfurt, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam and Nuremberg.

Further Information

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For more details on the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, including conference program, please contact:

Ms. Tina Gill

Marketing Manager, Organic Monitor

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About Organic Monitor

Organic Monitor is a specialist research & consulting company that focuses on the global organic & related product industries. Since our formation in 2001, we have been providing a range of business services to operators in high-growth ethical & sustainable industries. Our services include market research publications, business & technical consulting, summits, seminars & workshops. Visit us at

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