Swedish Beer Targeted to Lower Cholesterol

LUND, Sweden, Thursday, December 30, 2004-- A start-up company, Aventure A/B, based at Ideon Science Park in Lund, has developed a new beer with cholesterol-lowering properties. The beer is brewed on grain containing active beta-glucans, well-known for their functional healthy effect. A clinical test is starting this month comprising 50 persons consuming two 33 cl low-alcohol beers per day.

A number of process related challenges has been solved together with a small local brewery in Skåne. According to the project leader Arne Berge, Aventure is now seeking new industrial partners to be able to produce in larger scale.

NPIcenter Note:
A release issued by Beverage Marketing (January 2, 2005), in error, identified that they would be markeitng and distributing the product in the United States. Mr. Berge notes, "the news about the launch in the U.S. is false. It has apparently been spread by an American company – Beverage Marketing Inc. We have no cooperation whatsoever with this company." Mr. Berge also comments, "We have developed a method for brewing beer with high fibre content from oats. These fibers have cholesterol lowering properties, but the product is not ready yet – a clinical test is underway and if it shows the results we hope for, we will proceed."

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