A Sweet Addition to the Nature’s Harmony® Line

Acton, ON: Purity Life Health Products is pleased to announce an exciting extension to the Nature’s Harmony® line. Nature’s Harmony® Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener that offers an alternative to artificial sweeteners. With no bitter aftertaste, Nature’s Harmony® Stevia makes a sugar-free diet not only tasty but also easy to maintain.

Stevia is a natural herbal product, derived from the leaves of the Stevia plant, with centuries of safe usage by native Indians in Paraguay. It is also widely used around the world, especially in Japan where it is frequently used to naturally sweeten foods and beverages. An extraction of the Stevia leaf called Stevioside makes for a sweetening agent that can be up to 400 times sweeter than sugar.

Nature’s Harmony® Stevia is a granular powder made with superior quality natural source ingredients. This non-artificial alternative, not derived from sugar, is suitable for low carbohydrate and low calorie diets. Stevia can be a part of a healthy diet for anyone with blood sugar problems, including diabetics, since it does not raise blood sugar levels.

Did you know aspartame was discovered as an ulcer drug? Because chemical artificial sweeteners are associated with various health concerns from headaches to tumours, people are moving away from them and towards more natural options. Nature’s Harmony® Stevia is a delicious, zero calorie, safe, all-natural alternative to aspartame products. Sweeten your sales by adding Nature’s Harmony® Stevia to your shelves.

Where Science and Nature Come Together: Nature’s Harmony® Stevia

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Katherine Zia, Public Relations
[email protected]

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