SyneROX 4 Combats Oxidation in Pâté

Vitiva, Slovenia, introduces a new oil soluble formulation of SyneROX 4 line, based on rosemary that extends the shelf life of fresh and chilled pâtés. The new product maintains the original organoleptic characteristics of pâté such as taste, color and odour and more importantly, extends its shelf-life.

Pâtés are very sensitive to oxidative degradation due to their high fat content (30-40%), which is usually higher than in processed meat. Therefore, fat spoilage results in changes in flavour, colour and microbiological profile to a greater extent. The major problem, however, is the short shelf-life of fresh and chilled pâtés.

“Vitiva’s new SyneROX 4 formulation has proven to be highly effective in protecting pâtés from unwanted odour, taste and colour,” says Ohad Cohen, CEO at Vitiva. “It is the first product that significantly extends shelf-life of chilled pâtés . Usually, fresh pâtés that are made for immediate consumption are prone to rancidity. Our R&D team has succeeded in overcoming this challenge and in providing an excellent solution.”
SyneROX 4 is a unique formulation of rosemary extract combined with other synergistic ingredients. This allergen-free rosemary product helps maintaining the original flavour of the pâté and is micro-biologically stable. The SyneROX 4 line includes another natural formulation that can protect PUFA oils from oxidative degradation.

Vitiva is a dynamic, fast-growing nutraceuticals company offering advanced, application-specific formulations of natural extracts with antioxidative properties such as AquaRox®, VivOX® and SyneROX. In addition, a full range of reduced odour rosemary extracts, called Inolens®, are available in a wide range of concentrations. These pure extracts are soluble in oil or water, and are available in powder and liquid forms.

For more information please contact:
Mr. Ohad Cohen
Tel: +386217888738
E-mail: [email protected]

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