Tahitian Noni International Launches New Equine Product

OREM, Utah, May 11, 2004 -- Tahitian Noni International, the exclusive source of TAHITIAN NONI(R) Juice launched today its newest line designed specifically for the equine industry. TAHITIAN NONI(TM) Equine Essentials(TM) -- Liquid Dietary Supplement was developed especially for enhancing the endurance and performance of horses, targeting various breeding cups, the racing industry, and equestrian enthusiasts. The product is distributed exclusively through authorized Tahitian Noni International independent distributors throughout the U.S.

Dr. Richard G. Godbee, Ph. D. PAS, Equine Nutritionist and UNR Adjunct Professor, stated, "Studies and testing show extremely positive results in various areas with this very unique equine performance product. It's designed for all classes of horses and works well with and enhances all horses from foals to geriatrics. I see a big difference in the way it assists with managing horse stress levels and increasing overall performance."

The TAHITIAN NONI Equine Essentials product is formulated to reduce stress levels while promoting overall health; it supports the immune system with superior antioxidant activity; promotes proper digestion and nutrient absorption while boosting the metabolic system; helps maintain healthy skin and hair; and promotes a calm demeanor. Horses do not experience placebo effects, so the benefits of using the product are easily seen. Additionally, the stable formulation does not require special storage or handling. Being a liquid, it is easily added to the horse's feed. The product offers the benefits and value of TAHITIAN NONI Juice and a unique oil blend formulated specifically for equine needs. The use of noni seed oil, flaxseed oil, soy lecithin and Vitamin E, offer a powerful balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils with the additional fortification of antioxidants.

Charmayne James, an 11-time World Barrel Racing Champion, stated, "I've been feeding my horses TAHITIAN NONI Juice for several years now, and believe that they have truly benefited from the juice. In fact, my last championship was won on a horse using TAHITIAN NONI Juice. I'm very excited that a specific formula has now been developed for the equine industry."

After only months on the product, Aggie Minister has won $28,000-increasing his value over 1,400%. Kathy Jermain, Aggie Minister's trainer and an experienced professional in the industry stated, "As a race horse trainer that has been feeding Equine Essentials to my horses, I can testify to the many improvements in the horses as a result. All of the horses have shown improved performance. It stimulates appetite and gastro-intestinal function, and increases energy, aggressiveness, and a good attitude. I now see healthy horses with a natural glow; I call it the TAHITIAN NONI equine glow."

The research and development behind Equine Essentials has included input from veterinarians and equine nutritionists as well as equine industry experts and champion breeders. The product will be sold in a two-jug pack, with each jug containing 96 oz. One two-jug pack is roughly enough to supply a performing horse for one month.

About Tahitian Noni International

Tahitian Noni International is headquartered in Orem, Utah and was founded in 1995 by Kerry Asay, Kim Asay, John Wadsworth, Stephen Story and Kelly Olsen to be the exclusive source of TAHITIAN NONI Juice, a natural healthy beverage, and other TAHITIAN NONI(R) products. The TAHITIAN NONI Equine Essentials line is developed especially for enhancing the endurance and performance of horses. Additional product information is available by contacting the equine department at [email protected].

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