Taiga BioActives Inc. Achieves National Distribution

Calgary based Taiga BioActives Inc. today announced the availability of its flagship brand Dr. Krane’s KoolLips® Cold Sore Treatment at four of the nations’ leading drug wholesalers, suppliers of over the counter medications, providing improved logistics and distribution of KoolLips® across Canada, and enhancing the product offerings that retail pharmacists can provide to their customers.

KoolLips® is specially formulated with an active natural complex derived from the Cranesbill geranium plant, trusted for generations to instantly soothe and quickly treat your cold sore and promote faster healing. Registered by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product, KoolLips® provides antiviral protection against the cold sore virus and a natural treatment option for health conscious consumers.

“We are systematically implementing our distribution strategy for KoolLips® in Canada”, says John Hiebert, President of Taiga BioActives. “With improved access to our products through the supply chains of leading suppliers we can expand our reach to the 8000 plus community pharmacies, and make this innovative, natural active treatment more broadly available to cold sore sufferers across Canada”.

Retail Pharmacists can now purchase Dr. Krane’s KoolLips® Cold Sore Treatment at McKesson Canada (www.mckesson.ca), Amerisource Bergen (www.amerisourcebergen.com), Procurity (www.procurity.ca) and Unipharm (www.unipharm.com).

Consumers can purchase KoolLips Dr Krane’s KoolLips® Cold Sore Treatment at all London Drugs Stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Canada, Super Drug Mart stores in Alberta, Brunet in Quebec and other Drug and Food Chains across Canada.

About Taiga BioActives Inc.

Taiga BioActives Inc., headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a specialty natural products company, marketing branded consumer products with functional plant-derived active ingredients. Taiga is committed to developing high performance natural treatment options for a range of oral and skin care applications in personal care, over-the-counter and prescriptions markets. These products will be marketed in retail channels through Taiga BioActives Inc. in association with leading distributors across Canada. More information can be accessed at www.taigabioactives.com

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