Taisho Pharmaceutical Adds Three Products, Including "Zaguro (Pomegranate)”, to its “Mitsu -hisoka-" range of Concentrated Herb Beverages

From 3 September 2008, Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will be adding three new products to its range of “Mitsu -hisoka-” concentrated herb beverages, which were jointly developed together with Isetan Co., Ltd. The three new products will be “Zaguro (Pomegranate)”, “Seiyou Nashi/Ounyu (European pear/Royal jelly)” and “Seiyou Sumomo/Dokudami (Prune/Houttuynia)”. The products will go on sale at Isetan’s Shinjuku “Beauty Abosekari” store at a price of JPY 5,250 per 490 ml bottle.

These concentrated (dilute-type) health beverages are created by fusing traditional Western herbs in particular proportions with Eastern herbs that Japanese consumers are familiar with. This line of products, jointly developed by Taisho and Isetan, has been on sale since this March. The “Shouga (Ginger)” and “Tsurukokemomo (Vaccinium oxycoccus [cranberry])” versions that have been on sale since March will be available together with flowers as a gift set on the Hibiyakadan online shopping site from 1 September 2008, in order to fulfill the needs of those consumers who would like to give the beverage as a present.

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