Tea Consumption May Slow Alzheimer’s Disease - Natural Tea Supplement Viable Option

November 9, 2004—Nashville, Tenn.— A groundbreaking study from England’s University of Newcastle upon Tyne, reporting that green and black teas may inhibit certain brain enzymes linked to Alzheimer’s disease, (Phytotherapy Research, 10/04), prompts Americans to seek natural supplements that deliver the benefits of green and black tea. Experts point to TeaFlavin®, an all natural, caffeine-free product made from enriched green tea extracts, as a way to achieve the benefits of 35 cups of tea.

“The report states that green and black tea act in a similar way to expensive prescription drugs and demonstrates that an individual can achieve desired anti-Alzheimer’s results from non-prescription alternatives,” states Jim Zhao, PhD and Chief Science Officer of Nashai Biotech, the makers of TeaFlavin®. “Americans are increasingly seeking non-prescription alternatives to achieve better health. We hope that this report, coupled with clinical results, will encourage more Americans to consider adding non-prescription supplements like TeaFlavin® to their daily routine.”

Currently, there is no cure for either Alzheimer’s or heart disease. However, prevention of high risk factors is touted as the greatest line of defense currently available.

“Inhibiting the enzymes which have been linked to Alzheimer’s is akin to lowering cholesterol in the fight against heart disease,” continues Zhao. “However, Americans are increasingly hesitant to add additional prescriptions in order to mitigate every potential risk. TeaFlavin® does not exhibit any of the dangerous side-effects of popular statins and can now potentially aid in the fight against Alzheimer’s.”

About Nashai Biotech LLC

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with offices in Irvine, California and Shanghai, China, Nashai Biotech (www.nashai.com) produces patented, new generation formulas and ingredients based upon compelling scientific evidence. Nashai’s flagship product is TeaFlavin®.

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