Teas’ Tea launches new flavors

Teas’ Tea launches new flavors

ITO EN (ee-toh-en) is launching a new and renewed TEAS’ TEA® line. ITO EN tea is known for its purity and clarity of taste, while always maintaining the integrity of the tea leaf.

ITO EN (ee-toh-en), the world’s leading supplier of loose leaf and bottled green tea, is launching a new and renewed TEAS’ TEA® line. ITO EN tea is known for its purity and clarity of taste, while always maintaining the integrity of the tea leaf. The company’s core brand, TEAS’ TEA has offered a popular, unsweetened tea since 2002. Broadening its selection to include Low-Calorie and Classic flavors, the award-winning line will now offer a three-tier option to meet the diversity of consumer demand.

NEW PRODUCT DETAILS Health conscious beverage TEAS’ TEA® linedrinkers have started a trend toward drinks with less sugar and lighter taste profiles. Bottled teas are a nourishing alternative to highly sweetened sodas and beverages. The new flavors will suit consumers who are interested in combining a variety of tea flavonoids, antioxidants, and other benefits of green tea with the taste of a lightly sweetened beverage. The five (5) new flavors are:


TEAS’ TEA BLUEBERRY GREEN: A clean taste of green tea with the lightlTEAS’ TEA® liney tart taste of blueberries.

TEAS’ TEA LEMON BLACK: Thirst quenching citrus with rich black tea.

TEAS’ TEA MANGO OOLONG: A full taste of oolong tea with the bright, tropical taste of mango.


TEAS’ TEA CRISPY APPLE: An American classic of black tea and rich, natural apple flavor.

TEAS’ TEA COUNTRY PEACH: Black tea with natural peach flavor is a classic combination.


The award-winning line, recognized by its striped, square bottle has a fresh, new look designed by its original creator, Brooklyn based designer

Michael McDevitt. This tea will keep its distinctive, square bottle. (ITO EN’s lightly sweetened line is packaged in a round bottle).

TEAS’ TEA PURE GREEN: Sencha green tea—pure and clean.

TEAS’ TEA GREEN JASMINE: Green tea with natural Jasmine flowers—fragrant and delicately sweet.

TEAS’ TEA GREEN WHITE: A blend of Green tea and Rare White tea—light and elegant.

TEAS’ TEA LEMONGRASS GREEN: Green tea with natural lemongrass—zestfully fresh and invigorating.

TEAS’ TEA ROSE GREEN: Green tea with natural rose petals—soothing and gently sweet.

TEAS’ TEA MINT GREEN: Green tea made with select, real peppermint leaves.

TEAS’ TEA GOLDEN OOLONG: Fine oolong tea—a robust flavor and beautiful aroma.

“We realized that our unsweetened teas still posed too much of a hurdle for many consumers,” says Rona Tison, senior vice president of corporate relations for ITO EN. “By expanding our offering to a three tier option, consumers monitoring their calorie-intake will now have choices that are not only delicious, but are better-for-you beverages with a multitude of health benefits. Rich in Vitamin C and tea polyphenols (EGCG- Catechins) TEAS’ TEA® will quench your conscience.” The new TEAS’ TEA® flavors will retail for $1.79 and are available at natural and mainstream markets nationwide.

BETTER PLASTIC, BETTER EARTH ITO EN teas are bottled in environmentally friendly, non-leaching recyclable BPA-free bottles (16.9 fl oz) The Readyto- drink teas, such as Oi Ocha and TEAS’ TEA are packaged in plastic (PETE1) Bottles, which can be recycled, or made into egg-packs, fiber, tote bags, clothing, furniture, carpet or other items. In fact, recycled PETE bottles are even used to make uniforms for ITO EN sales force in Japan. Reducing packaging has always been a central goal for ITO EN, achieving amazing results by continuously reducing the bottle’s mass. This year, the individual bottles are lighter by 0.16g than last year. A distinct leader in this regard, the bottle is one of the lightest in the beverage industry. By choosing plastic bottles over glass, the company has been able to ship more tea in individual shipping trucks, resulting in savings in fuel expenses and emissions.

ABOUT ITO EN (NORTH AMERICA) INC ITO EN (North America) INC., a subsidiary of ITO EN, LTD., is the nation’s leading purveyor of green tea products and beverages. The company is an innovator in the beverage industry, marketing award-winning Japanese tea lines in the U.S., including: TEAS’ TEA®, Traditional Japanese Tea (Oi Ocha—Japan’s 1 Selling Green Tea), and ITO EN Shots. Voted as “Best Tea” in New York City’s Zagat’s Gourmet and Entertainment Guide for six consecutive years and hailed as “Model Tea” by Beverage World Magazine, ITO EN is dedicated to creating an authentic green tea culture in the United States. Committed to products that embody the company’s five principles of Natural, Safe, Healthy, Well-designed and Delicious, ITO EN is uniquely positioned as a pioneer and innovator in the tea industry.

For more information please visit itoen.com or teastea.com

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