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Technical Services Specialist



Perform all the daily duties of operating and maintaining a pilot/prototype laboratory in a natural foods manufacturing facility. Assist in identifying and developing testing methodology for physical properties of powders that affect manufacturing processes.


Report to: Plant Manager

Directly Supervises: Technical Services Specialist

Technical Services Technician


A. Departmental

1. Assist in identifying and developing testing methodology for physical characteristics of powders that affect the performance of production equipment and the quality of the finished product.

2. Perform physical testing of incoming raw materials used for product research and development. And derive qualified vendors from the materials tested.

3. Assist in creating prototypes for new product formulations and research production scale-up requirements.

4. Maintain and procure all equipment and supplies necessary to perform required testing.

5. Complete and maintain all required documentation for testing procedures and results.

6. Provide assistance to manufacturing to troubleshoot production issues and also aid in the implementing of changes to inferior products.

7. Must be able to perform all laboratory and housekeeping duties.

8. Monitor and insure compliance with all applicable State and Federal Regulations and Company Policies and Procedures.

B. Internal Relationships

1. Keep direct supervisor apprised of status of current projects and any issues dealing with prototype processes as they arise.

2. Coordinate and communicate with all functional directors and managers.

3. Maintain professionalism in all aspects of your employment.

C. Miscellaneous

1. Keep current with areas of technology and testing related to physical laboratories.

2. Keep current with regulatory changes affecting physical testing in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

D. Cover-All Clause

Accept and complete, in a timely fashion, special projects as assigned.


A. Minimum Skills and Abilities Required

1. Strong organizational skills.

2. Good interpersonal skills.

3. Strong knowledge of the Metric system and ability to apply advanced mathematical and statically concepts for analysis.

4. Technicians must be experienced with Microsoft Office products and various applications.

5. Capable to read, analyze and understand scientific and technical publications. Able to follow written and verbal instructions and to create concise written processing instructions.

6. Extensive knowledge of analytical and physical chemistry, methodology, equipment, and sample preparation necessary for all types of analytical assays of foods and pharmaceuticals, with flexibility for new method development.

7. Aptitude for working with complex equipment and willing to learn new production and laboratory equipment. Also be able to apply problem solving principles to a wide range of processes and products.

8. Self starter who requires minimal supervision.

9. Capsule filler, tablet press, picking/mixing and coating experience preferred

B. Minimum Education and/or Experience Required

1. A minimum of a B.S. Science degree preferably in Chemistry, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

2. Three to Five years experience with product development.


Requires standing for long periods. Work in laboratory and operations environment. Requires typing, bending, stretching, and reaching. Work may be stressful at times. Work may extend beyond an eight hour work day on occasion. Position may require heavy lifting for limited amounts of time.

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