Tempo Carries Genesis Soft Chews and Powdered Oils

Source: NHP Report

Genesis Research Corporation of Lake Bluff, USA, a leader in providing marketable unique formulations and novel processing technologies has come up with an innovative alternative to traditional encapsulated products which is now available for Canadian manufacturers. For consumers who have difficulty in swallowing traditional encapsulated or softgel products, Genesis Soft Chews make getting the daily dose of vitamins, minerals and botanicals easy. “The secret is to focus first on developing a great-tasting soft chew candy, then enrich it with vitamins, minerals or other herbals,” says William Smart, General Manager, Genesis Research Corporation.

Genesis Soft Chews are available in bulk, pre-packaged tubs, or other customer-supplied containers. The line includes: Cal 3™ Calcium chews (a blend of calcium and vitamins D and K); Flex™ Joint chews formulated to help maintain joint health and flexibility and available in a single ingredient, glucosamine, or a blend of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM; Creatine chews, Vitamin C chews; Multivitamin chews containing 24 essential vitamins and minerals; and, Genesis All Naturals™ chews containing only natural vitamins, minerals, sweeteners and flavourings.

For children, Genesis Research Corporation has KidsCare Fruit Chews, a gummy-candy chew which meets or exceeds the recommended daily RDI for vitamin C. These all-natural chews contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and there are no starchy fillers or binders. “KidsCare chews can help assure that children get an adequate amount of Vitamin C on a daily basis. Unlike many other chewable products, KidsCare chews offer the long-lasting real fruit flavor and the gummy-candy form that appeals to children,” says William Smart, General Manager, Genesis Research Corporation.

Genesis which is known in the U.S. for its numerous breakthrough products as well as improvements to some of the most popular formulations or finished products is confident that Canadians will take to their soft chews for either functional food or nutraceutical applications.

For information and product specs, contact their Canadian distributor, Tempo Canada, Inc. at 1-800-622-5009 or e-mail at [email protected]..

Tempo Carries Genesis Powdered Oils
Genesis Research Corporation of Lake Bluff, USA, a provider of popular dietary supplements, nutrients and technologies is revolutionizing nutracuetical manufacturing and functional food processing with its new, all-natural oil-to-powder production process using no non-synthetic polymers.

According to William Smart of Genesis, “Compared to other technologies such as fluid bed or Wurster column it offers significant benefits. First, it produces a fine free-flowing powder with yields of 95 to 99% of the powder’s original active ingredients. Second, it stabilizes the oil and masks taste. Third, our proprietary process accomplishes this at a fraction of the cost of existing methods.” Other benefits include stabilization and protection of oil’s active ingredients from the harsh pH environment of the stomach, for use as a delivery mechanism to the lower gastrointestinal tract.

“This technology enables us to produce a high-yield powder that is suitable for use in drink mixes, nutrition bars, smoothies and other beverages, or other food additives, as well as in traditional applications in hard shell encapsulation,” Smart added.

Genesis’ Ten-30 line of oil powders includes: borage, canola, castor, cod liver eveningprimrose, fish, flaxseed (organic/non-organic), olive, oregano, pumpkin, salmon, vitamin E.

For information and product specs on the Genesis’ Ten-30™ line of edible oil powders, contact Tempo Canada Inc. at 1-800-622-5009 or e-mail to [email protected].


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