Tharos Laboratories, Inc. Partners with Nature’s Sources, LLC to Expand Sales of NYTEX™ Natural Sleep Supplement

BOSTON, MA—Tharos Laboratories, Inc., a nutraceutical and phytochemical ingredient company, announced today that it has signed a distribution agreement with Nature’s Sources, LLC. Through this partnership, Nature’s Sources will build national distribution of Tharos Laboratories’ new product - NYTEX™ Natural Sleep Supplement. NYTEX is an innovative sleep product that contains a fruit-derived antioxidant ingredient, PROCIDIN™ and additional ingredients that address all phases of sleep, promote daytime alertness, and have additional health benefits.

Tharos has selected Nature’s Sources to lead the introduction of NYTEX into health food and nutritional stores nationwide.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to work with John Zapfel and Lee Frank, two dynamic individuals, with years of experience in the retail sales and marketing. Their experience with Whole Foods Market, Super Supplements, and other health stores – as well as with naturopaths like Dr. Christopher Lepisto, author of Active Horopito: New Zealand’s Answer to Candida, will give our company a strategic advantage, and powerful relationships in the health supplements and nutrition industry.” says Nikos Linardakis, M.D., founder and CEO of Tharos Laboratories, Inc.

Everyone at Nature's Sources, LLC, including Lee Frank - founder and owner, John Zapfel - CEO, and Mickey Schuett - National Sales Manager, is excited about this new partnership with Tharos Laboratories. "We are excited, and honored to be able to bring this excellent quality product to the millions of individuals in need of better sleep. We also know that we are joining alliances with a very reputable company and a strong group of individuals." says John Zapfel, CEO.


NYTEX is the first sleep supplement that addresses all phases of the sleep cycle, including relaxation, sleep initiation, sleep maintenance, and rejuvenation of the body, leading to stable sleep architecture.

The first sleep supplement with a natural antioxidant derived from fruits; NYTEX removes some of the causes of irritation and restlessness at bedtime. NYTEX promotes restful, calm sleep. Antioxidants support the immune system and help restore the body’s internal equilibrium by fighting off free radicals that are continually released through normal processes in the body. NYTEX contains the proprietary Tharos ingredient PROCIDIN™ antioxidant, which is unlike any other antioxidant on the market. It is extracted through intricate processes from wild blueberries and select varieties of grapes to create a highly concentrated antioxidant.

“We see the antioxidant-enhanced NYTEX as a breakthrough product for the sleep health market. NYTEX is a great natural alternative, and the best choice for people looking for deep, restful sleep, without the use of prescription medications,” says Dr. Nikos Linardakis, a physician and scientist. Dr. Nikos worked with researchers at the Sleep & Behavior Medicine Institute of Chicago to study all phases of the sleep cycle.

NYTEX™ is available for purchase online at or, and at specialty retail stores nationwide. Dr. Nikos is available to speak on various issues relating to sleep. (i.e. sleep and diet or vitamin supplements, sleep and weight management, sleep and stress). To request NYTEX product samples, photos, and additional information, please contact Tharos Laboratories.

About Tharos Laboratories

Tharos Laboratories, Inc. is a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredient and retail finished product company focused on extracting naturally occurring phytochemical compounds derived from plant sources. Tharos creates high-grade, physician-formulated and effective nutritional supplements with clinically-recognized health benefits.

If you would like more information about Tharos Laboratories, Inc. and its Products, please contact Customer Service, Email: [email protected], visit, or call 1-781-793-9041.

About Nature’s Sources

Nature’s Sources, LLC, located in Morton Grove, IL, is the manufacturer and distributor of AbsorbAid®, a digestive enzyme product, and Kolorex®, to maintain intestinal and personal micro flora balance. Nature’s Sources, LLC serves over 7,500 natural and health food stores nationwide, and 18 brokerage companies with sales representatives to service the stores with their product lines.

Tharos Laboratories, Inc.

email: [email protected]

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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