TheraVeda Herbal Extracts from Organix-South Offer Unique Supercritical Whole Herb Technology

Clearwater, Florida (June 27, 2005) – Organix-South, Inc. introduces its newest line of supercritical therapy, TheraVeda, powerful herbal extracts inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda. The condition-specific line of 12 formulas provides the benefits of both supercritical extracts and whole herbs in an innovative, patent-pending technology that uses no harmful chemical solvents. Supercritical extraction is a natural process that makes efficacious herbal extracts containing the broadest spectrum of an herb’s essential oils, waxes and resins. Organix-South is the first company to take supercritical extracts, combine them with the water soluble post supercritical extract and then synergistically combine back the whole herb in a vegetarian capsule, achieving the broad spectrum only previously available with the whole herb. “What we have through this process is a unique, super potent supplement system that provides maximum therapeutic benefits,” says Autumn Blum, President of Organix-South. The new line is guaranteed to be free of harmful levels of heavy metals or contaminants and contains no synthetic additives. The company uses only organic and ethically wild harvested herbs. The 100% vegan line contains the following formulas in 60 count bottles, equivalent to a 30 day supply.

Ajay Aller Support Anita Menopause Support
Kama Male Vitality Formula Manish Head Formula
Narsimha Heart Cholesterol Nartana Joint Support
Nirmal Liver Care Usha Daytime Stress Formula
Nisha Nighttime Stress Formula Pavan Upper Respiratory Support
Sahana Premenstrual Support Vijay Cellular Support

The TheraVeda line of products was formulated by Dr. Shrikrishna G. Phadke, a PhD in Ayurvedic Medicine that has served as dean of one of the world’s first Ayurvedic Institute at the University of Pune, India. A pioneer of integrating traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science and technology, he has also served as a member of the Central Council of Indian Medicine, publishing numerous papers on Ayurveda and technology at national and international conferences. A third generation Ayurvedic physician, he currently is the Medical Advisor for Organix-South. According to Dr. Phadke, “My goal was to create uniquely effective formulas using traditional Indian herbs while taking advantage of the latest technology that would be easy to take and require no special knowledge of Ayurveda. These are tri-dosha balancing formulas meaning that they are appropriate for all the dosha types.”

Organix-South, Inc. specializes in NEEM and Ayurvedic products that address a growing need for natural, therapeutic skin care and supplementation. Organix-South offers the most complete line of NEEM products available, including Neem Leaf capsules and extracts, oral care, shampoo, conditioner, nail treatment, facial mask, bar soap, skin care, pet products and more. Products are available at health food stores, pharmacies, yoga studios and other fine outlets. For more information, see

Shari Hindman
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