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Thorne Research acquires global rights CoQ10 formulation

Thorne Research, Inc. has acquired exclusive global rights to market Q-Cell, an advanced formulation Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement formerly marketed under the brand name Q-Best.

Thorne Research, Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing pure, high quality nutritional supplements marketed through licensed healthcare practitioners, has acquired exclusive global rights to market Q-Cell, an advanced formulation Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement formerly marketed under the brand name Q-Best.

"The important role that a CoQ10 play in human health has been long established, and factors including disease, aging and treatment with certain drug therapies can all reduce levels of naturally occurring CoQ10 in humans. Certain formulations of CoQ10 have presented challenges in absorption, limiting their potential benefits to patients. Q-Cell is based on an advanced formulation that significantly improves absorption and bioavailability to improve patient outcomes,” said Andrew Heyman, MD, Department of Family Medicine, University of Michigan.

Q-Cell has a unique, tri-lipid gel-based formulation that has been shown to increase absorption rates by up to 10-fold in comparison to dry powder formulation CoQ10 supplements. The proprietary Q-Cell formulation enables the soft gel to prevent crystallization, an after effect of some CoQ10 formulations that can disrupt the absorption process when metabolized in humans. Q-Cell was developed based in part on research conducted by William Judy, PhD., director of the Southeastern Institute of Biomedical Research and a globally-recognized expert on the role of CoQ10 in human health.

“The science behind CoQ10 is based on more than 40 years of basic and clinical research, and with its improved absorption and bioavailability, Q-Cell sets the standard against which all other CoQ10 supplements will be rated in the years ahead,” Dr. Heyman added.

CoQ10 is produced naturally by the human body and plays a key role in the basic functioning of cells including cell metabolism and energy production. CoQ10 levels have been shown to decrease with age and to be low in patients with certain chronic diseases such as heart conditions, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson's disease, cancer, diabetes and AIDS. Treatment with some prescription drugs can also lower CoQ10 levels. In research studies, CoQ10 has been shown to play a role in supporting heart function, nervous system activity, and skeletal muscle repair and growth. In addition, CoQ10 supplements are widely used for the nutritional support of cancer patients and individuals who have cardiovascular disease.

“Together with our recent alignment with Helsinn Pharmaceuticals, the addition of Q-Cell to our portfolio represents another major milestone in our efforts to develop and market the finest supplements for a range of health needs including supportive care in the oncology market,” said Paul Jacobson, CEO, Thorne Research.

Following a transition period in global product marketing for Q-Cell, Thorne will be the exclusive provider of this formulation worldwide. Financial terms of the deal were not released.

About Thorne Research

Since 1984, Thorne Research has set the standard for exceptional quality manufacturing and formulation of premium hypoallergenic dietary supplements available through licensed healthcare practitioners. With more than 280 products, Thorne Research is recognized by healthcare practitioners as a global leader in providing dietary supplements of the highest quality and purity. With locations in Sandpoint, ID and Greenwich, CT, Thorne Research operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and employs more than 170 people. Further information on Thorne is available at

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