Thorne Research expands into sports nutrition

Thorne Research expands into sports nutrition

In collaboration with Integrative Health Resources, Thorne Research will develop and commercialize a dietary supplement product line and nutritional tools to support a healthy athletic lifestyle.

Thorne Research Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing pure, high-quality nutritional supplements, announced that the company, in collaboration with Integrative Health Resources, LLC (IHR), has developed a product line of novel nutritional formulations as well as a portfolio of resources to assist athletes and medical providers in managing the unique nutrition and educational needs of athletes and others involved in a healthy athletic lifestyle. This collaboration will operate under the name Thorne Performance, which will be the sports nutrition division of Thorne Research, Inc.

The collaboration provides immediate access to nutritional supplements that are specially formulated to improve athletic performance. Thorne Performance will also provide a range of online assessments and nutrition tracking programs, with plans to introduce an even wider range of sports-based nutritional supplements and support resources in the future. IHR, a provider of consulting services focused on human performance, wellness, and integrative care, will provide support for the development of the new line of sports-based nutritional supplements and educational materials.

“Nutritional supplementation plays a significant role is athletic performance, and nutritional deficits and overtraining can lead to a diminished ability to recover and a greater likelihood of injury. Thorne Performance aims to be the leader in sports-based nutritional supplementation by meeting the demands of individuals who regularly engage in intense physical activity and lead active lifestyles,” said Paul Jacobson, chief executive officer of Thorne Research.

Numerous studies show that post-exercise stress response, repair, and inflammation processes, as well as management of the body’s energy systems, are key to meeting the demands of athletic training. The Thorne Performance product line is designed to support athletes who have a wide range of abilities, helping them to improve and maintain performance. Thorne Research will provide a significant step forward in maximizing performance with novel formulas made with science-based ingredients that are NSF approved.

“In many of our programs, including Life Time Fitness and Corvette Racing, we have seen firsthand the need for innovation in managing the metabolism of people who exercise at any level,” says James LaValle, clinical pharmacist and CEO of Integrative Health Resources and partner at Thorne Performance. "The Thorne Performance credo, ‘Purely Driven,’ embodies our philosophy: products that are pure, targeted and of the highest quality. Coupled with a renowned team experienced in the needs of people who train, this new resource will help athletes at every level to push themselves to their personal limits,” added LaValle.

The Thorne Performance product line for athletic training targets key needs in building strength, immune function, stamina, endurance, conditioning, and recovery. Each product is formulated to address a specific metabolic need with ingredients blended in quantities to maximize performance outcomes. Products targeting individual needs are designed to work together to provide the broadest possible range of benefits to athletes involved in any form of training.

“Thorne Performance products will keep you hydrated, help maintain and repair muscles, enhance endurance and mental clarity, promote immune balance and cortisol modulation, optimize cellular energy and heart health, maintain the body’s normal inflammatory response, and support gastrointestinal health. All of these functions are necessary to build and balance metabolic reserve, provide cellular protection, and strengthen defenses,” says David Aronne, general manager of Thorne Performance.


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