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Thorne Research, IHR partner on doctor-developed supplements

Thorne Research, IHR partner on doctor-developed supplements
Companies and Daniel G. Amen, MD, will codevelop novel nutritional formulations and a portfolio of resources for cognitive health and neurological support.

Thorne Research, Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing pure, high quality nutritional supplements marketed through licensed healthcare practitioners, announced that the company has partnered with Integrative Health Resources, LLC (IHR) and Daniel G. Amen, MD, to co-develop novel nutritional formulations and a portfolio of resources to assist patients and medical providers with managing cognitive health and neurological supportive care.

The partnership will facilitate broader patient access to nutritional supplements and cognitive tools, including online assessments and nutrition tracking tools and brain enhancement exercises and games. These products and programs are designed to support patients with a wide range of mental conditions that affect cognitive function, including depression, anxiety, attention disorders, chronic stress and memory challenges.

“Thorne Research is proud to expand our nutritional supplement portfolio in the area of cognitive health, which represents a major area of unmet need in patients in the U.S. Working closely with Dr. Amen and the team at IHR, we plan to develop an unmatched range of outstanding products and support resources designed to improve brain performance,” said Paul Jacobson, chief executive officer of Thorne Research.

Through this joint venture, Dr. Amen, a specialist in psychiatric medicine and founder of the Amen Clinics, will lead efforts to develop a range of dietary supplements, cognitive tools and patient support resources. In his practice, Dr. Amen has pioneered the use of advanced diagnostic tools, such as SPECT imaging, to more accurately characterize neurological disorders and identify new types of mental conditions. He has also led research efforts that demonstrate the effectiveness of nutritional supplements and diet in treating mental conditions.

IHR, a provider of medical information, consulting services and products focused on natural therapeutics, wellness and integrative care, will provide support for the development of new nutritional supplement products and cognitive health resources for patients and healthcare providers. IHR is a leader in preventative health and wellness and developer of a variety of innovative health tracking tools that help individuals who suffer from neurological or behavioral disorders to accurately monitor their health.

"Better integrative health tools to monitor and treat mental health and brain performance are a key strategic need for healthcare professionals and their patients," said James B. LaValle, RPh, chief executive officer of IHR. “Brain performance can best be improved by taking daily steps to exercise cognitive function. Our joint venture will offer many new tools to help patients exercise their brain and monitor their cognitive health at home, while also providing healthcare professionals with the resources they need to advise patients on alternative treatments for cognitive impairments.”


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