TIC Gums’ Ticaloid® Saucier Provides High Performance Stabilizing and Enhancement in Sauce Applications

TIC Gums has introduced Ticaloid® Saucier, which was specifically designed through the collaborative expertise of TIC Gums’ Gum Gurus®. “Our combined efforts demonstrate that a vast range of sauce products can be significantly improved by using Ticaloid Saucier as a stabilizer,” said Coki Fisseha, a Culinary Scientist at TIC Gums.

Fisseha said that in addition to Ticaloid Saucier’s ability to do a better job in stabilizing sauces, the TIC Gums innovation can provide better emulsifying, thickening and suspension. She also placed a strong emphasis on Ticaloid Saucier’s ability to enhance the cling factor. “The succulent sensation of ‘cling’ enhances the enjoyment of sauce and sauce-type products,” she said. “Consumers take delight in sauces that complement meat, poultry and vegetarian entrees and side dishes. This ‘cling’ factor creates a highly valued, complex sensory perception, greatly adding to their pleasure.”

Factors that drive consumer desire for better tasting sauces and sauce type products
Marketing Specialist Stacy VanDenHeuvel cited two factors that support the advantage of formulations that deliver improved sauces and sauce-type products. She cited a 2009 Mintel report that demonstrated steady growth in ethnic foods since 2004, pointing out that sauces play an important role in driving ethnic food product choices.

“Mintel forecasts a solid growth of almost 20% in ethnic foods from 2010 to 2014, and reports a $2.2 billion record high in ethnic food products in 2009. These data indicate that there is real opportunity for the manufacturers of ethic food products to improve their lines of products where sauces can count as real differentiators,” she said.

VanDenHeuvel underscored this factor by mentioning a Food Marketing Institute finding that in 2009, 85% of consumers said they were eating home cooked meals more than three times a week, up from 75% in 2006. “The economy has brought consumers back to the kitchen and they are going to the supermarket a lot more than they are frequenting expensive restaurants. Consumers are looking for the sauces that will give their home cooked meals those highly preferred ethnic tastes in both gourmet and home-style categories.”

Suited to a vast range of applications
It was further explained that TIC Gums’ Ticaloid Saucier was tested in a variety of sauce types, including standard brown, tomato, chicken, barbecue and grilling sauces as well as in marinades. “Our Gum Gurus have a real understanding of what the world’s greatest chefs look for in the sauces they create. Our goal was to provide better stabilization and create sauces that are thick while smooth, and provide cling yet balanced texture - and that is exactly what we were able to achieve,” concluded Fisseha.

For more information about TIC Gums’ Ticaloid Saucier, contact a Gum Guru at our technical services hotline, (800) 899-3953, or visit www.ticgums.com.

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