Tofutti debuts The Hooray Bar

Tofutti debuts The Hooray Bar

New frozen dessert is sweetened with stevia, soy based, cholesterol- and dairy-free with zero trans fats.

Tofutti Brands, the company that pioneered dairy-free desserts and cheeses, is introducing The Hooray Bar, a breakthrough new frozen dessert. The Hooray Bar, is the first frozen dessert on the market to be sweetened with all natural stevia.

Like all Tofutti Brands premium frozen desserts, The Hooray Bar is soy-based, cholesterol and dairy-free with zero trans fats. Created to appeal to diabetics, the lactose intolerant, vegan and kosher consumer, this novelty stick is heart-healthy and a natural choice for the calorie conscious. The Hooray Bar is a guilt-free frozen dessert with a creamy, rich vanilla center, covered in succulent chocolate and loaded with crispy brown rice crunch. Available as a portion controlled single stick treat, it’s packaged 12 per box.

“We’re thrilled to be the first to introduce a frozen dessert sweetened by 100% all natural, zero calorie stevia,” says David Mintz, CEO and founder of Tofutti Brands. “It tastes as good as cane sugar, without the highs and lows or the lingering after taste found in artificial sweeteners, and it’s made by Mother Nature!” he added.

Like all of Tofutti’s products, The Hooray Bar will be carried by virtually every major supermarket chain across the country and many independent health and specialty food stores. It is estimated that Tofutti products are sold in more than 20,000 stores across the country.

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