Tokyo Food Techno Co. Ltd. and Origin BioMedicinals Inc. Sign Agreement for Polyphenon(R) Products in North America

New York—Origin BioMedicinals Inc., Halifax, Canada, announced today its partnership agreement with Tokyo Food Techno Co. Ltd. (TFT), a subsidiary of Mitsui Norin& Co., Ltd, Japan. Under this agreement, Origin will act as an exclusive distributor for TFT’s Polyphenon® Green Tea Catechin Extracts in Canada, and the development of natural health products using Polyphenon® extracts for US and Canadian markets.

Origin has been working with Dr. Yukihiko Hara, a Vice President of TFT, for several years on product formulations and brand name recognition for a line of Polyphenon®-based products. “We are pleased to have established a working relationship with Dr. Hara, who is clearly the world’s foremost expert on green tea,” said Robert Cervelli, President and CEO of Origin. “The numerous health benefits of green tea catechins are becoming well known to health professionals and the public, and the Polyphenon® Green Tea Extracts are perhaps the highest quality available in the world.”

Origin has begun distributing TFT’s Polyphenon® Catechin Capsules to health professionals in North America. The capsules provide a convenient, well-measured dosage form of catechins for the variety of treatment regimes.

Origin’s line of Polyphenon® products also includes: Polyphenon® Skin Cream – for therapeutic treatment of damaged skin; Polyphenon® Acne Cream – the natural effective treatment for acne; and Can-Tea™ Green Tea Lozenges – providing ‘green tea on the go!’.

Origin BioMedicinals is one of a small but growing number of North American companies that are merging hard science, backed up by clinical trials, with the development of 100% natural-ingredient health products.

For further background about Polyphenon®, visit:

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