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Tonkin Resigns as President and CEO Of Bio Essentials

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (December 2, 2003)—After spending the last 12 months working with the wellness beverage company BioEssentials, Inc., developers of the joint revitalization beverage Motion Potion, James S. Tonkin has resigned as president and CEO. Tonkin will retain stock ownership and will remain available as an outsource advisor, but will be focusing primarily on his consulting firm’s clients taking on some new and exciting marketing and branding opportunities both in the beverage and health industries.

Tonkin has been in private brand consulting since 1986. Along with a hand selected group of industry professionals and organizations, TonkinConsulting brings ingredient, packaging, production and distribution expertise to emerging and established companies. “During this critical phase, we help to prevent and alleviate the pitfalls associated with ill-fated decisions start-up companies make traditionally without the benefit of wisdom, experience and or advisory personnel,” said Tonkin. “The high mortality in the start-up phase of any business is usually due to lack of capital, qualified management and inexperience.”

“It has been a rewarding experience to work with Bio Essentials during its first year and I am proud to have played a pivotal role in developing Motion Potion into a nationally recognized beverage,” said Tonkin. “I have chosen to return full time to my practice and the exciting new ventures that are on our plate. We are working to fund an international company which boasts a patented water dispensing technology that ‘makes water from thin air.’ In addition, we are working on a revolutionary and patented ‘salt substitute’ that has unbelievable promise as an ingredient and retail product for sufferers of high blood pressure, heart problems, hypertension and more.”

TonkinConsulting cooperates with Outsource International, a business development firm which offers consulting, financial and strategic services to companies. Tonkin has been a member of this firm for more than two years, and rounds out the company’s management expertise with his extensive food and beverage knowledge. “It is indeed fortuitous to work with Outsource International, as they bring many opportunities on which to work and collaborate, domestically and internationally,” said Tonkin.

Prior to working with Bio Essentials, Tonkin served as president and CEO of Essentia Water, Inc., a nationally recognized highly purified water brand, Over the last eight years, Tonkin has worked with numerous national clients in the bottled water industry, including Fiji Water and Hawaiian Natural Water Company. Tonkin helped to develop national infrastructure for the production, distribution and marketing for those companies.

In 1986, Tonkin started a private food and beverage consultancy to provide outsource brand management and marketing expertise to many companies including the following: Stroh’s Brewery; Sun Orchard Inc.; Geyser Products LLC; Seven-Up Company of Southern California (Avalon Food and Beverage); POKKA Corporation (Japan, USA); Natural Waters of Viti Ltd.(Fiji Natural Artesian Water); Nabisco-Planters Life Savers Division; Alex Brown Financial Group; Greater Phoenix Economic Council; Canadian Natural Glacier Water; American Beverage Control; Electronic Dispensers International; and Global Water Technologies.

Early in his career, Tonkin held many positions from production to sales and accounting to management at Tonkin Corporation of California, doing business as 7-UP Bottling Company, Sacramento and Capital Beverage Packers. He helped develop the distribution and sales for brands such as: 7-UP; A&W Root Beer; Crush; and Clearly Canadian. Tonkin learned the intricacies of contract manufacturing that he has used to help his former clientele save money and outsource production costs. In addition to 7-UP, Tonkin was a partner and vice president of marketing and sales for one of the first “new age” beverages, Napa Naturals. Tonkin also pioneered both a domestic “block” cheese production and distribution facility, “Heritage Farms” (sold 1983), and a potato chip company known as “Buffalo Chips” (sold 1985).

Tonkin is a graduate of the University of Oregon and has served as vice president of Greater Phoenix Economic Council. He currently sits on the Board of Governors for the LPGA PING-Safeway Phoenix Tournament in Phoenix, Banner Health Systems Foundation, is a member of the National Nutritional Foods Association, International Past President of the Active 20-30 Club, past board member of the Arthritis Foundation of America and past board member of the United Cerebral Palsy Association. Tonkin frequently speaks at conventions and seminars around the globe about functional and enhanced beverages and efficacy and morality in marketing.

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