Top Triathlete Chris Lieto Attributes Success To Astavita

Mount Laurel, NJ, September 30, 2005 - A top contender for the Ironman World Championship in October, Chris Lieto recently won the Ironman Canada and Honolulu’s Tinman Triathlon and believes the wins were helped by Astavita.

“After taking Astavita for the last 4 months, I noticed that my body is responding better to the tremendous levels of stress that I put on it”, Lieto says. “I’m recovering more quickly from my big training days and I just generally feel stronger and better equipped to continue training at such a high level of intensity”, comments Lieto.

Astavita is a new dietary supplement containing the powerful antioxidant AstaREAL® astaxanthin (pronounced asta-ZAN-thin), which has been found through research to help improve physical and muscle endurance as well as reduce muscle damage during rigorous exercise. Astaxanthin is in the same family of antioxidants as lutein and beta carotene. The Astavita form of astaxanthin is grown in Hawaii from the single cell green microalgae, Haematococcus pluvialis.

Chris adds, “I’m looking forward to the challenge of the lava fields in Kona on October 15th knowing that I have the best possible products to get my body ready for the unforgiving conditions of the Ironman World Championship.”

“We’re very excited to partner with Chris Lieto and Katalyst Multisport Management. Chris is one of the world’s premier triathletes and a true believer in the powers of Astavita”, states Scott Lichterman, National Sales and Marketing Manager of Astavita. Lichterman continues, “What’s important to note is that all of us, not just elite athletes, lead busy, stress filled lives. Astavita addresses the need for a powerful, natural antioxidant supplement."

About Chris Lieto:
Chris Lieto resides in Danville, California with his wife Karis, and son Kaiden.
Chris began his athletic career achieving success as a collegiate water polo player at Long Beach State University. In 1997, Chris was introduced to the sport of triathlon and won his first race. He demonstrated tremendous potential as an age-grouper, which motivated Chris to train longer and harder at perfecting his skills. This set the foundation for Chris to turn pro only three years after beginning in the sport.

Career highlights:
Champion - Ironman Canada 2005
Champion - Tinman Triathlon 2005
13th - Ironman World Championship 2003
US National Ironman Champion 2003
2nd - Ironman USA Lake Placid 2003
Champion - Nautica Malibu Tri 2003
Champion – ½ Vineman 2002
Champion – Ironman Wisconsin 2002

About Astavita:
Astavita was established as GoForLife Labs in 2004. A global brand of Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., of Japan, Astavita is quickly becoming the leader in retail astaxanthin dietary supplements. The entire Astavita line is available in health, natural, and vitamin retailers nationwide.

Scott Lichterman, National Sales & Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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