Toyo Bio-Pharma(TM)Launches New, Powerful OPC - TOYO-FVG(TM)

Potent antioxidant offers superior nutritional support for all

Torrance, CA – Toyo Bio-Pharma proudly announces TOYO-FVG, its new OPC ingredient. Excellent for use in functional food and drinks, skin creams and nutritional supplements, TOYO-FVG is the most powerful OPC available today.

TOYO-FVG is a unique water-extract rich in OPC, containing more than twice the amount of most other pine bark extracts and 80% more polyphenol. It has superior efficacy and is more bioavailable; its recommended dosage is 30% less than the leading pine bark extracts. TOYO-FVG has been extensively tested and is extremely safe with no known toxicity or side effects.

Taken internally or used as a topical, TOYO-FVG answers numerous health and beauty concerns, stemming from the negative impacts of environmental pollutants, stress and diets stripped of nutrients. TOYO-FVG has been clinically shown to improve cardiovascular health and aggressively fight free radicals and oxidative damage. By neutralizing oxidizing agents, it can strengthen the entire circulatory system and improve overall heath.

As a topical, TOYO-FVG regenerates collagen, improves skin tone, elasticity and color. It also counteracts free radicals that build up under the skin so that age spots, dark circles and discoloration naturally fade away and disappear. TOYO-FVG has also been shown to stimulate the regrowth of hair when used in concentrations similar to hair regrowth treatments on the market today.

The source of TOYO-FVG is the slow-growing pine tree Pinus Maritima. Growing in the harsh costal environments of Landes in Southwest France, Pinus Maritima has been known for centuries for its healing, thick bark. This bark is carefully harvested and shipped fresh to Toyo Bio-Pharma. Using the most technologically advanced processes, the bark goes through a special grinding process and the active ingredients are pulled out by a unique water extraction process. It is then refined, condensed and dried. TOYO-FVG is water-soluble and maintains an even mixture without stirring or shaking. From supplements and sports drinks to cosmetics and functional foods, TOYO-FVG is nature’s key to health.

TOYO-FVG is manufactured by Toyo Shinyaku, one of Japan’s premier manufacturers of dietary supplements, food ingredients and cosmetics. It is Japan’s largest developer and OEM producer of raw materials for food supplements, and in combination with contract manufacturing, has a large client base offering tremendous capacity and expertise in manufacturing custom formulations.

For more information on TOYO-FVG, please contact Yoshi Shiraiski at 310.792.7467, Mario Kahn at 805.552.1988 or visit

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