Tozzi & Associates Inks Agreement to Act as Master Broker of SierraSil(TM)

Vancouver, British Columbia – Tozzi & Associates, a natural products brokerage firm, has reached an agreement with Sierra Mountain Minerals, Inc., an emerging dietary supplement company, to act as master broker for the entire United States. The agreement also calls for Tozzi to serve as the exclusive northeast broker of SierraSil.

Tozzi & Associates, established in 1986 by Phil Tozzi, President, has established deep roots in the natural products industry. The company maintains its “road warrior” heritage by ensuring the firm’s dedicated sales representatives maintain face-to-face contact with retailers throughout the natural products industry.

SierraSil (pat. pending), dubbed as “nature’s ultimate mineral,” is a distinct, naturally-occurring mineral composite comprised of more than 65 macro and trace minerals. SierraSil is the core component of a new line of dietary supplements available through Sierra Mountain Minerals, designed to support joint mobility, flexibility and active lifestyles.* Other products in the SierraSil line support bone density* and enhanced energy and cognitive function.* With this product line, the company is targeting active men and women of all ages, especially baby boomers, seniors, and athletes.

For more information and/or media inquires call 888-888-1464 or visit To schedule interviews during Expo West please call 406-581-8306.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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