Trace Minerals Research sales up 21 percent

Trace Minerals Research sales up 21 percent

SPINS reports show Trace Minerals Research holds the number-one spot in the trace minerals category.

The Trace Minerals Research (TMR) brand increased 21 percent in sales over the past year in the natural products channel within the trace mineral category, according to research data compiled by SPINS, an information research and consulting company that specializes in the natural products industry in the US market.

The data collected by SPINS shows that from February 2011 to February 2012, TMR increased sales by 21 percent in the trace mineral category in natural products supermarkets across the United States. Data also shows that TMR’s liquid products are up 22 percent from the previous year, including Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak Cherry Limeade which is up 58 percent.

“We are always very anxious and excited to review the SPINS report to see how we have performed over the past year,” said Dave Chambers, National Sales Manager of TMR. “This report first of all shows that we continue to be the number one selling trace mineral brand in America and that ConceTrace still maintains its dominance in the category. But even more importantly, it proves that we are achieving our mission of helping more and more people understand the importance of trace minerals as an essential part of a healthy diet.”

Additionally, TMR’s flagship product ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops 8 ounce still holds the number one spot in the category and posted a 26 percent growth over the past year. ConcenTrace has held this position since SPINS has reported market research to TMR on its brand’s performance in the trace mineral category. ConcenTrace is a GRAS-affirmed, naturally balanced trace mineral complex containing over 72 ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake that is certified Kosher, Halal, and Vegan.

Besides having the number one trace mineral product, the report also shows that TMR owns nine of the top 10 best-selling SKUs in the category and 18 of the top 20 best-selling SKUs.


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