Tradimex ‘Conquers’ North America

Equipment Firm Opens Three Strategic Offices

WEST OREM, UT -- Tradimex Equipment & Supply, Inc. has announced new sales and service representation in Mexico and Canada, plus one domestic appointment. The three new representatives are Paul Renaud of Castleguard in Toronto, Canada, who handles Canada and the northeastern U.S.; Enrique Garza-Martinez in Mexico City, Mexico, who represents Mexico; and Manny Negreira of Blue Ribbon Packaging in Miami, Florida, who handles Florida, and also represents packaging machinery that complements Tradimex’ manufacturing machinery.

According to Tradimex, a burgeoning number of inquiries from supplement manufacturers north and south of the border prompted the company to expand its presence. Numerous Canadian and Mexican supplement manufacturers visiting Tradimex’ booth at various trade shows have persistently inquired about installing Tradimex’ machinery, and asked how to contact its reps in their countries.

The three appointments give Tradimex the ability to respond to customers and potential customers located anywhere in North America in a timely and satisfactory manner. According to a Tradimex rep, “it is important to have contact with these companies on a monthly basis. When someone needs a machine, one-and-one contact cannot be replicated by phone calls. In person, our new reps go beyond selling machines and troubleshooting, they can advise in other areas and refer various other industry professionals.”

Additionally, the new reps speak the languages of their territories: Renaud is fluent in French and English and both Negreira and Garza-Martinez can communicate in Spanish and English. The new reps also offer physical accessibility for troubleshooting and plant visitation. In addition, new customers in Canada and Mexico will also receive full installation and training for up to one week.

Since 1997, Tradimex Equipment & Supply, Inc., has specialized in sales and service of equipment for the manufacture of tablets and capsules specific to the dietary supplement industry. Tradimex maintains an extensive parts department and parts are shipped Fed-Ex for 10:00 a.m. delivery if the call is received by 4:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Technicians are available for troubleshooting by calling toll-free (888) 629-2511.

Paul Renaud can be contacted at (519) 752-6194, or [email protected]. Contact Enrique Garza-Martinez at 552-1630-740, or [email protected]. Manny Negreira can be reached at (800) 433-4974, ext. 244, or [email protected].

Contact Tradimex Equipment & Supply, Inc. at: 487 South 1325, West Orem, UT 84058; (801) 225-7040; toll-free, (888) 629-2511; email, [email protected]; or log onto

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