Triarco Launches Aqua 10 Enhanced CoQ10 Powder

Triarco has announced the market launch of Aqua 10®, a patented water-soluble coenzyme Q10 powder designed for optimal dry and liquid blending, product application, and improved absorption.

“Aqua 10® is a great solution for manufacturers looking to offer coenzyme Q10 in liquid products or novel delivery systems, but are concerned about consistency and stability,” said Triarco Director of Research and Development Dr. Mark Anderson. “It provides the processing advantages of a powder, while its water solubility ensures excellent, reliable incorporation with liquids.”

The ingredient can be difficult to incorporate into beverages and other products because of its molecular weight and characteristic solubility, factors which can also hinder bioavailability.

Aqua 10® demonstrated approximately 50% greater absorption when compared to regular CoQ10, according to the company’s unpublished preclinical research.

“The science on coenzyme Q10 is convincing, and consumers are paying attention to that,” Dr. Anderson explained, “but formulating with it can be a challenge. Because Aqua 10® is easy to work with and dissolves consistently, manufacturers now have a better choice when it comes to consumer-friendly delivery systems that also promote optimal absorption.”

Triarco’s launch of Aqua 10® comes just as market reports indicate substantial positive trends in demand for coenzyme Q10. Sales of CoQ10 have been on the rise over the last few years, with reported sales up 15% in 2009.

Use of the ingredient is prevalent among consumers looking to boost heart health. CoQ10 is also gaining popularity in energy drinks, cognitive health supplements and cosmeceuticals targeting skin health and the effects of aging.

In Japan, where coenzyme Q10 was once available only in pharmaceuticals, the ingredient is now being offered in a range of products from candy and cooking spray to skin cream and toothpaste.

Coenzyme Q10 plays a crucial role in cell energy production and oxygen uptake. Levels of the potent antioxidant have been reported to be compromised in some patients with heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. Ongoing research suggests the supplement may be beneficial in the support of a range of health applications including cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, periodontal and cognitive health.

Triarco is a leading supplier of premium and patented natural ingredients, including herbs, extracts, powders and granulations, minerals, plant-derived enzymes and instantized cold-water soluble herbal teas. Triarco was among the first companies to implement a certified voucher system in combination with an in-house TLC/HPLC quality control program. For over thirty years, Triarco has led the way in quality control, quality assurance, product development and technology. The company holds ten patents and is known for such patented ingredients as Aminogen®, Carbogen®, CranSmart®, MyTosterone®, and Meta Mate®.

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