Tropicana Makes Healthy Even Healthier

Tropicana(R) Pure Premium(R) Introduces New Essentials Line

BRADENTON, Fla., Jan 05, 2004 -- Tropicana Products Inc. announces immediate availability of a new sub-line of fortified orange juice and juice beverage products that meets individual consumer needs -- from less sugar and calories to more vitamins and minerals. Pure Premium Essentials, available in five varieties and part of the Tropicana Pure Premium line, takes the quintessentially healthy breakfast staple to a new level of wellness benefits.

The five varieties in the new Essentials subline are:

* Light 'n Healthy, with one-third less sugar and calories than orange
* Healthy Heart, with six vitamins and minerals proven to positively
effect risk factors for cardiovascular disease
* Immunity Defense, with all three essential antioxidants -- vitamins C
and E and selenium -- to support a healthy immune system
* Low Acid, which delivers less acid without compromising taste
* Healthy Kids, with immunity-supporting vitamins and calcium for strong
bones and a specially formulated, kid-friendly taste

"Essentials delivers what consumers want -- individualized nutrition to meet individualize needs," says Ron Coughlin, Tropicana's chief marketing officer. "Different life stages, lifestyles and health concerns require customized nutrition to deliver 'what is best for me,' and Essentials meets those needs without compromising taste. It's making healthy even healthier."

Reducing Calories, Not Nutrition

With 27 percent of the population now considered obese and weight management top of mind among consumers, Tropicana is introducing Light 'n Healthy, the only reduced calorie orange juice beverage currently sold in the chilled juice section.

Tropicana uses a proprietary, patent-pending process to reduce sugar and calories by one-third without compromising taste or nutrition. Light 'n Healthy is as close to 100% Pure Premium as Tropicana can make it -- both in taste and nutrition.

"We know that nutrient-dense foods that are lower in calories do help people manage their weight," said Carla McGill, Tropicana's senior nutrition scientist. "As many consumers will look to the New Year to make weight loss and management resolutions, Light 'n Healthy provides a great way to reduce calories without sacrificing taste or nutrition."

Taste Rules

Each Essentials variety delivers great taste, which consumer insight data indicate is paramount in consumers' decision-making. In a recent survey*, 46 percent of consumers said they would not compromise taste for health, which is 13 percent higher than the previous survey.

In fact, in taste tests for Light 'n Healthy, 85 percent of consumers said the new product met or exceeded their expectations for delivering the desired fresh-squeezed orange juice taste. And, Tropicana Healthy Kids is the only orange juice specially formulated for the unique tastebuds of kids.

Tropicana Pure Premium Essentials will be packaged in 64-ounce cartons and will be available at stores starting January 2004. It will be priced the same as all other Pure Premium 64-ounce products.

*Health Focus 2003 Trend Report

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