TSI Health Sciences Bolsters Promilin® and PromilinPro® Patent Portfolio

TSI also receives NutrAward nomination from New Hope Natural Media for Best New Ingredient in 2009.

(MISSOULA, MT) February 19, 2010 – Larry Kolb, president of US Operations for TSI Health Sciences, Inc. (TSI) has announced the USPTO has awarded patent #7,645,466 to TSI for their industry-leading ingredients Promilin® and PromilinPro®. The new, broad patented claim covers the methods for deriving, isolating and/or extracting amino acid compositions from Fenugreek seeds.

Kolb also announced PromilinPro® has been nominated as one of the top three finalists for the 2009 Best New Ingredient NutrAward awarded by New Hope Natural Media.

The TSI patent covers the proprietary process for deriving novel compositions of bio-active compounds comprising 4-Hydroxyisoleucine, both for Promilin® (20% 4-Hydroxyisoleucine) and PromilinPro® (60% 4-Hydroxyisoleucine).

“Promilin® and PromilinPro® are two of our top selling ingredients and this new patent demonstrates the pre-eminence of our manufacturing processes,” said Kolb, “These ingredients provide our customers with reliable consistency, tested performance, quality and value with absolute safety that can be added to their product formulations.”

Belonging to the family of Leguminosae, Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L) is widely grown in Asia, Europe and Africa. The fenugreek herb has been used for centuries as a cooking spice and as folk medicine. Fenugreek has been traditionally used to treat boils, diabetes, cellulites, tuberculosis and gastrointestinal problems. The medicinal component of fenugreek is the ripe, dried seeds.

Previously awarded US patent No. 7,338,675 for its fenugreek seed extract Promilin® on March 4, 2008, TSI patented ingredients Promilin® and PromilinPro® each contain a unique combination of 4-hydroxyisoleucine and other amino acids. The awarded claims include supporting metabolism and the transportation of glucose and carbohydrates into skeletal muscle cells. The composition comprises an effective amount of amino acid content sufficient to stimulate a glucose transport factor, comprising glucose transport factor 4, which functions independently of insulin.

Animal and human clinical studies have been performed to evaluate the efficacy of Promilin®, PromilinPro® and its active ingredient 4-hydroxyisoleucine in blood glucose level regulation, athletic endurance improvement, lowering cholesterol levels as well as weight management.

NutrAward nominees are based on a weighted vote from the selection committee which consists of a panel of industry experts, scientists and nutritionists, by cumulative votes of registered SupplyExpo and Nutracon attendees as well as Natural Products Expo West exhibitors. The winner of the 2009 Best Ingredient Award will be announced live to a crowd of industry members at a ceremony during SupplyExpo, Saturday, March 13, 2010.

For more information about Promilin® and PromilinPro® visit www.TSIInc.com or call toll-free 877.549.9123.

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About TSI Health Sciences
TSI Health Sciences, www.TSIInc.com, is a leading developer, producer and marketer of fine chemical ingredients used by the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. With US operations based in Missoula, Montana, TSI was founded in 1996 and has sales and marketing offices worldwide, including a 60-acre, fully integrated manufacturing, research, quality assurance and quality control campus in Jiangyin, China. The company’s specialized product range includes performance-based branded ingredients that are derived from botanical and natural product extracts, fermentation, and highly purified synthesis.
TSI manufactures its ingredients to the highest global standards, including ICH Q7A international CGMP manufacturing guidelines.

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