Tuff Guyz Corporation Launches New Sports Drink

PARK CITY, Utah -- TUFF GUYZ Corporation announced today the official launch of its premium line of vitamin fortified isotonic beverages called TUFF GUYZ™ Sports Drink.

The TUFF GUYZ Sports Drink is the brainchild of Brad Weidman, who is also the driving force behind Tough Guy Films, an entertainment company known for its ground breaking 3D, comic book and anime sports characters. Weidman is now gearing up his beverage company to take on the two big sports drink giants ...Gatorade® and Powerade®.

With the backdrop of the health-conscious mountain bikers and snowboarders in Park City, TUFF GUYZ Sports Drinks™ came to fruition. "I always felt that sports drinks were a functional drink but they didn't taste all that good" says Weidman, "We worked very hard to create the winning combination of great taste, a blast of vitamins, and no salty after taste. Best of all, Moms can feel great about giving TUFF GUYZ to their kids."

Mr. Weidman combined his previous success in the beverage and entertainment industry to create this new breed of isotonic beverage targeted to meet the demand of an untapped youth market. The TUFF GUYZ brand name combined with high-impact animated "street" athletes was a natural. Derived from the sports characters in his films, Mr. Weidman created a beverage that would appeal to the tough guy in all of us.

Weidman got his inspiration for the TUFF GUYZ concept from his father, who like most dads teach their sons and daughters to be proud, work hard, play hard, and stay tough, even in the hardest of times.

The labels on the TUFF GUYZ Sports Drinks feature action packed characters that look like they come from a comic book action adventure movie. The characters come from Weidman's treasure chest of film characters. The labels by design identify with the athlete in all of us, the "street" athlete. In addition to the athletes that are currently on the TUFF GUYZ package, the company vows to keep introducing a flow of new characters to keep the brand exciting and fresh.

The TUFF GUYZ Sports drinks pack a high performance blend of B and E vitamins. An 8-ounce serving includes 25% of the USRDA of B12, B6, B5, B3 and E. Made from all 100% natural flavors, TUFF GUYZ is a non-carbonated, electrolyte isotonic drink designed to rehydrate, vitamize and refresh. TUFF GUYZ has no preservatives. Initially available in five natural blazing fruit flavors: Orange Mango Fire [Basketball], Citrus Berry Blue Fire [Football], Lemon Lime Green Fire [Skateboard], Grape Berry Deep Purple Fire [Easy Rider] and Fruit Punch Red Fire [Soccer] with more to come.

Tuff Guyz Sports Drinks are packed in 20 oz. plastic bottles with sharp anime/comic book film graphics and a crisp, bold typeface on its labels. Video gamers will easily relate with the label and recognize its "I" rating for Ice Cold Quencher, similar to the video game rating system.

"With an authentic isotonic sports beverage from a taste, ingredients and nutraceutical standpoint, TUFF GUYZ Sports Drink is poised to become a major player, that may score big time in promoting good health," says Richard H. Davis, President of Beverage Marketing USA, Inc., "By offering a graphic anime alternative to what's out there the guys at TUFF GUYZ could have the next Gatorade on their hands."

Consumers can soon be on the lookout for the new TUFF GUYZ website, currently under construction. The site will include information on TUFF GUYZ products, promotions, comic book and movie releases, and most important....where to find an ice cold TUFF GUYZ.


TUFF GUYZ Corporation
Richard Charca, VP of Marketing,
Stephen Wisely, TUFF GUYZ Athlete and Spokesperson, 435/615-8002

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