Tufinit Introduces Gluten Free / Lactose Free Heat-and-Eat Meals

2005-02-16 Tufinit LLC, (http://www.tufinit.com) manufacturers and distributors of Gluten Free and Lactose Free products have introduced today a major expansion of their products line. As of today, Tufinit offers two Gluten Free & Lactose free Heat-and-Eat Chinese meals, and two Gluten free pies. Each meal is low in calories, high in protein and calcium. The Shanghai Rice Noodle meal accounts for 2/3 of the FDA recommended vitamin A intake.

"The new Tufinit meals are an expression of elegance and beauty in food that is also HEALTHY! The delicious, home made style pies are incredibly tasty! These are great dishes for the pickiest of eaters in anyone's household, not just Celiacs and diabetics. The pies are an excellent source of calcium and protein; at the same time they are low in fat and carbohydrates" says Ron, Tufinit's Customer Service Manager. "The pies are made from Grade A ingredients. They do not contain any preservatives, they are Gluten free and soy free", he adds.

"We offer our clientele gluten free ready to eat meal from Shanghai's fancy cuisine. We hired a Shanghai native to prepare meals having all the elements of the traditional Chinese Shanghai cuisine, that are free of Gluten, milk products, MSG and preservatives. These distinctive dishes are suitable for Celiacs, vegetarians, diabetics and Lactose intolerant consumers, as well as health conscious consumers. Freshly made with the best ingredients, these meals are a delight for the health connoisseur. For example, one Rice Noodle meal can account for 2/3 of your daily need of Vitamin A, and about 1/3 of the FDA recommended calcium intake. It is rich in dietary fiber, which is great for digestions" says Ron.

For detailed information about the new line of products please click here

The aforementioned products are made in the USA, by Tufinit LLC.

For information contact
Ron, Customer Service Manager
Tufinit - The Gluten Free Treat
[email protected]

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