Twinlab Supports Vitamin Angel Alliance in its Nutritional Relief Effort for Katrina Survivors

In the aftermath of the Katrina hurricane and all of its destruction, concerns of malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, infection and disease are increasing. To assist Vitamin Angel Alliance in its efforts to help protect Katrina survivors from malnutrition and reduce the incidence of infections and disease, Twinlab is contributing close to 95,000 supplements. The donation will include a variety of products including important nutrients that help support the immune system such as Vitamin C, Echinacea, and the Twinlab specialty supplement Immunity Booster™.

“These nutrients are especially beneficial for those who may not be getting adequate amounts from the food that is available to them,” stated Bruce Renick,” Executive Vice President Sales for IdeaSphere (parent company of Twinlab). “Twinlab’s mission is to help people achieve health and wellness and we are extremely proud to be part of the Vitamin Angel Alliance and their efforts.”

The Vitamin Angel Alliance has already begun delivering large amounts of nutritional supplies to the victims of the Katrina disaster in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. According to Howard B. Schiffer, President of the Vitamin Angel Alliance, a great amount of focus is being placed in reaching the people that no one else is covering, such as the some 30,000 refugees that are being housed in any available space across many small towns in central Louisiana.

“We proud to have Twinlab as a partner in our Katrina Relief effort” said Schiffer, “Twinlab’s assistance is going to play a vital role in our relief effort and we welcome them as a primary partner.”

About Twinlab
Twinlab, based in Hauppauge, NY, is the leading manufacturer and marketer of high quality, science-based, nutritional supplements, including a robust line of vitamins, minerals, specialty supplements and sports nutrition products. It is a wholly owned company of IdeasSphere Inc., an integrated health and wellness company. For more information on Twinlab products call 1-800-645-5626 or visit

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