Tzu Thé Is Revolutionizing The Green Tea Experience

(Atlanta, GA) -- This year the tea market reached a whopping 5.1 billion dollars in sales, inevitably leading to an immense amount of specialty, gourmet, supermarket, natural foods, and gift basket buyers trying to get their hands on a piece of this golden pie. However, what will truly make a tea stand out in this overcrowded market is not only quality, but versatility and convenience. When looking for such a tea, look no further than Tzu Thé. Tzu Thé offers healthy, convenient and fashionable green tea products for any lifestyle, making it truly “revolutionary.”

Tzu Thé is the first green tea company to offer the single-serving T-POD™ filled with premium loose, dry green tea leaves, that are pesticide-free and packed full of EGCG[1]. These convenient individual tea pods make drinking green tea easy for consumers’ on-the-go. For even more convenience, Tzu Thé has introduced a line of accessories. The first is the T-Buddy™, a “Two Headed” portable tea bottle with a built in infuser that doubles as a tea mug and a tea pot for hot or cold beverages on the go. The second is T2-GO, a steeping device that snaps on to standard 12oz and 16oz hot paper cups.

Tzu Thé has also combined all the health benefits of green tea with the popularity and convenience of food bars, creating the innovative T-Bar™. The T-Bar™ is a raw, whole food, green tea nutrition bar that has been cold processed, promoting optimum enzyme activity. These vegan-friendly bars contain antioxidants from EGCG rich green tea leaves and brewer’s yeast that is generated from Japan’s Sapporo beer distillery. They are rich in protein, natural cellulose, Vitamin B, Zinc, selenium, chromium, and a total of 14 minerals and 9 essential amino acids. These bars are the perfect snack, but can also double as a quick meal replacement for consumers on the go since they are high in fiber, but low-carb, low-fat and contain no refined sugar.

So stop by Booth 4448 to check out this innovative product line and enter to win a Tzu Thé gift basket! Tzu Thé is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information on this product or to find out how you can become a lucky distributor please visit the Tzu Thé website at or contact Cristina Romeo by phone at (805) 565-4122, or by email at [email protected].

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