UK Supplier Touts Benefits of DHA/EPA Algae Oils

“The fortified and functional food and drink market is about to experience a massive shift in nutritional functionality and demand as mainstream food manufacturers seize on a new high tech generation of ingredients” says Tom Brudenell Bruce CEO of London based Eau Plus.

Eau Plus are cutting edge innovators in functional food ingredients for food manufacturers and are specialist wholesale distributors for omega 3 long chain essential fatty acid products in particular the algae based VPURE® and OmegaH2O®.

There is mounting criticism from the scientific community that products claiming health benefits from Omega 3 have too little of the wrong type to be as effective as the claims on the packets lead you to believe.

However Tom Brudenell Bruce insists Eau Plus have an economically viable, practical, stable, sustainably produced, effective, toxic free alternative to both plant oils such as rapeseed oil and fish oils. “We finally have all the pieces of the omega 3 ingredient jigsaw in place so that our DHA and EPA rich algae has been made not just more affordable by increasing the manufacturing output and new technology in production, but also more concentrated, more stable with a longer shelf life and able to withstand baking whilst still maintaining its nutritional integrity. We have a new superior version that can be added to drinks too; clear, no flavor highly emulsify-able with an excellent performance in trials where it easily beat competitor products.”

The algal concentrations currently available are

60% DHA oil for nutraceutical purposes

40% DHA oil micronized for dispersion as a liquid into water, milk, juices with a shelf life of over six months

A 15%–20% EPA oil micronized for dispersion into water, milk, juices

Eau Plus are seeking out Europe’s leading food and drink manufacturers to explain how to ‘nutritionally enhance’ products such as: baked products and pasta; ice cream and desserts; juices, drinks and dairy products such as probiotic yoghurts; ready meals; sauces and mayonnaise.

For further information and interviews please contact:

Jenny Liddle, Senior partner, Excellart - Tel: 01761 413 022, E : [email protected] -

Tom Brudenell Bruce CEO Eau + Ltd, Studio 17, Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London, W10 5JJ Tel: +44(0) 203 370 5000. Fax: +44(0) 203 370 3120

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