UK: Vitamin and Mineral Dossiers Submitted

The list of vitamins and minerals sources allowed by the Agency to stay on the market until 31 December 2009, under Article 4 of the 2002 European directive on food supplements, has been published.

Food Supplements Directive 2002/46/EC lists vitamins and minerals and in what chemical forms they can be used in supplements. However, those not included in the directive’s annexes may stay on the market if the product containing that ingredient was on sale before 12 July 2002 and a dossier on it has been submitted to the European Commission through Member states.

So far the FSA has received 14 dossiers to which it has granted derogation under the directive. These products can remain on sale until 31 December 2009, providing the European Food Safety Authority has not given an unfavourable opinion on the product.

The list will be updated as further dossiers come in.

more details on the requirements for dossiers and products granted derogation under the EC directive:

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