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Ulrick & Short expands Scilia line

Ulrick & Short expands Scilia line
Ulrick & Short's processing techniques allow its allergen- and calorie-free fibres to deliver 97 percent fibre content.

Leading clean label ingredients specialists Ulrick & Short has extended its range of Scilia fibres to now include flax, wheat, oat and bamboo. They are designed to offer food manufacturers a wide range of different textures and declaration options.

Complex processing techniques adopted by Ulrick & Short allow its fibres to deliver an impressive 97 percent fibre content and are pure, neutral in taste and allergen and calorie free.

Their high fibre content not only allows food manufacturers to develop healthier products but can also help reduce overall ingredient costs as not as much is required in recipe formulation in order to declare the finished product as 'high in fibre'.

Scilia flax fibres are available as a very fine powder and in granular form and can be used within the breakfast arena. The finer grade can be used in smoothies and as well as delivering all the nutritional benefits of a high fibre product, it can also help improve mouth-feel and enhance flavour. The coarse fibre ingredients are more suited to breakfast biscuits and cereal mixes as it delivers stronger textures.

Also available in five texture grades from superfine to coarse are the company's oat and bamboo fibres. Although oats are already recognised as a good source of fibre, the ingredients from Ulrick & Short are virtually pure fibre so it is easier and more affordable to make 'high in fibre' claims. Scilia oat fibres can be used within muffins, cakes and comparable baked goods as well as in products such as tomato sauce, where a pulpy texture is required.

Bamboo fibre, which is probably the least well-known, has a unique fibre structure that enables it to bind with less liquid, making it perfect for crisp baked products and noodles. They also aid viscosity in premade and instant cook-up sauces.


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