Ulrick & Short got gluten free long ahead of trend

Ulrick & Short got gluten free long ahead of trend

Ulrick & Short Ltd has more than a decade of experience helping producers develop gluten free products.  

Whilst many ingredient suppliers and food manufacturers are still getting to grips with is the development of gluten-free products, Ulrick & Short Ltd has had over a decade of experience in helping producers develop gluten free products.

With an extensive range of naturally gluten free, functional flours, texturisers and thickeners, the leading clean label ingredient specialist can make the process of removing allergens simpler for manufacturers without the need for often costly reformulation.

Extracted from a variety of non-GM crops including tapioca and maize and amazingly wheat, Ulrick & Short's naturally gluten free range of ingredients have been exclusively designed with functionality as the primary role. This sophisticated approach has ensured that they can be easily incorporated into existing recipe formulations without any detriment on eating quality.

These particular organoleptic obstacles faced when formulating gluten free foods are now being combated with the introduction of more sophisticated and refined raw ingredients, such as those from Ulrick & Short. Complex processing methods adopted by the company, and its manufacturing partners, ensure that its range of naturally gluten free, functional ingredients provide food manufacturer's with ingredient solutions that deliver the desired textural qualities.

In addition, Ulrick & Short can also help food processors expand the dietary properties of finished products with its Scilia range of wheat, flax, oat and bamboo fibres, which are neutral in taste and allergen and calorie free.

Neutral in taste Ulrick & Short's clean label thickening ingredients do not mask existing flavours, are available in instant and cook-up versions and their high process tolerance helps to deliver enhanced mouth-feel.

The superior and highly refined processing of Ulrick & Short's ingredients means that they can be declared as kitchen cupboard staples such as cornflour, allowing manufacturers to clean up their labels and remove allergens with minimum of hassle.

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