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Ulrick & Short launches fiber ingredients line for the dairy industry

Ulrick & Short launches fiber ingredients line for the dairy industry
The UK food ingredient supplier's new line of fibers are based on wheat and oat and are designed for dairy-based foods.

Hot on the heels of its recently released flax fibre range, leading clean label ingredients specialists Ulrick & Short Ltd is launching a range of highly functional specialist fibres based on wheat and oat, which are being promoted at the dairy sector.

An extension of the company's Scilia fibre range, the company's new fibres now offer dairy manufacturers even more finished texture options and nutritional declarations such as 'high in fibre', 'natural source of Omega3' and 'helps maintain healthy blood cholesterol'.

Unlike other nutritional fibres, which can often leave a grainy texture, Ulrick & Short's fibres are neutral in taste, so do not mask flavours and offer a very smooth, creamy finish to products such as desserts, yoghurt and various premade and shake-up sports and meal replacement drinks.

Fibres from Ulrick & Short are particularly functional for dairy based foods, where they are able to optimise or create new textures.

The unique and sophisticated make-up of the fibres also aid processing to help achieve optimum finished product forms. Complex product structures can be achieved by blending various fibre grades available from Ulrick & Short and can be used as standalone fibre products or in conjunction with starches to deliver robust clean label stabiliser systems.

To help dairy producers further understand the wide ranging functionalities, structure and stability opportunities that fibres can provide, the company's team of food technologists are on hand to help integrate these fibres into existing products and help develop new ones.

Ulrick & Short has a fast growing international reputation for providing its customers with a committed hands on service and ensure that it is in regular contact with new product development departments and development chefs to ensure that dairy manufacturers can deliver their new product to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These latest fibre additions add even more functional ingredient options to Ulrick & Short's burgeoning range of clean label starches, fat replacers, glazes, stabilisers, binders and emulsifiers, creating a unique and varied product range for customers to choose from.

To help dairy manufacturers understand the types of claims that can be achieved for their packaging, the company has developed an easy to use claims calculator. For more information please visit or contact one of the team direct on 01977620011.

Ulrick & Short Ltd.
Formed in 2000, Ulrick & Short Ltd is a leading developer, designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality clean label ingredients, which are predominantly used by the UK food industry.

Ingredients developed by Ulrick & Short contain no chemicals or artificial components and are free from genetic modification. The company develops bespoke solutions to suit individual needs across a wide range of foods including processed meats, soups and sauces, baked goods and battered products.

All of Ulrick & Short's raw materials are processed by accredited partners worldwide and the quality of the ingredients is assured by the controlled environment of the company's own development kitchens.

The company already has an excellent reputation for its level of responsiveness in getting 'products to market' quickly.

Ulrick & Short's clean label ingredient range gives food producers the advantage of having simpler declarations without compromising on quality. The on-going success and continued investment into research and new product development drives the company forward, giving it a good advantage over its competitors.

More product details can be found at:

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