Ulrick & Short launches line of flax ingredients

Ulrick & Short launches line of flax ingredients

Ulrick & Short Ltd has launched a range of oil and fiber ingredients for use within baked items, cereal bars, dressings, yoghurt and milk based drinks.


Leading UK suppliers and manufacturers of functional clean label ingredients, Ulrick & Short Ltd, has launched a range of oil and fiber ingredients for use within baked items, cereal bars, dressings, yoghurt and milk-based drinks.

As an exceptionally functional food ingredient, flax has numerous advantages for food producers including improved nutritional profile claims such as 'high in fiber' and 'a natural source of Omega 3' and 'helps maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level'. Food manufacturers can now present customers with foods that not only taste good but also provide health benefits.

Ulrick & Short's range of Omelin flax oils are highly versatile and can be used in all oil based dressings as well as being a healthy replacement or addition for cakes and breads. Derived from flax rather than being extracted from fish, this high source of omega 3 oil is suitable for vegetarians and unlike many other omega 3 supplements, Omelin has minimal flavor impact on finished products.

Complementing the Omelin range is the company's selection of Scilia flax fibers, which are available as both coarse and fine grades and are suitable for a wide range of bakery applications from cereal bars and biscuits to morning goods including sliced bread, bread rolls and muffins.

Flax, which is also known as linseed, is renowned for its health and functional properties and adds an exciting new dimension for Ulrick & Short's already hugely successful range of clean label ingredients. Natural in taste and free from genetic modification, this highly nourishing range of flax ingredients provide a rich source of Omega 3 and are combined with Omega 6 for superior dietary balance and healthy digestion, which will help food producers to readdress the issues associated with achieving the correct ratios of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Ulrick & Short's collection of flax ingredients have been processed under stringent conditions, are free of pesticide residues, mercury and other heavy metals to ensure that there are no changes to the fatty acids and the oil does not become oxidized.

Unlike many other forms of flax on the market, Ulrick & Short's dry powder flax does not produce a nutty taste and can be easily bound into bakery mixes, dough and cereals and incorporated into yoghurt and milk formulations.

This new range of flax ingredients, cold processed under nitrogen in Scandinavia to achieve low oxidation and stable fatty acid composition, will provide food producers with innumerable opportunities to create countless new products for the increasingly health conscious market, where viable health claims including cholesterol will be able to be declared.

Ulrick & Short is continually working towards helping the food industry meet the increasing demand from consumers for healthier functional products and the company is confident that its latest flax offering will help the UK food industry continue to grow, innovate and enter new niche areas.

Background Information

Formed in 2000, Ulrick & Short Ltd is a leading developer, designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality clean label ingredients, which are predominantly used by the UK food industry.

Ingredients developed by Ulrick & Short contain no chemicals or artificial components and are free from genetic modification. The company develops bespoke solutions to suit individual needs across a wide range of foods including processed meats, soups and sauces, baked goods and battered products.

All of Ulrick & Short's raw materials are processed by accredited partners worldwide and the quality of the ingredients is assured by the controlled environment of the company's own development kitchens.

The company already has an excellent reputation for its level of responsiveness in getting 'products to market' quickly.

Ulrick & Short's clean label ingredient range gives food producers the advantage of having simpler declarations without compromising on quality. The on-going success and continued investment into research and new product development drives the company forward, giving it a good advantage over its competitors.

More product details can be found at: www.ulrickandshort.com



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