Ulrick & Short relaunches egg-free bakery glazes

Ulrick & Short Ltd has announced the re-launch of its additive and allergen free range of bakery glazes.

Leading UK manufacturer and supplier of clean label ingredients, Ulrick & Short Ltd has announced the re-launch of its additive and allergen free range of bakery glazes.

Originally developed in conjunction with the micro biology faculty at Leeds Metropolitan University in response to market demands for more natural ingredient replacements, Eziglaze can be used on both sweet and savory baked products.

Already a recognized brand within the bakery sector and a huge success within the frozen pies market, Eziglaze carry a simple cornflour declaration and has been re-launched with improved cost saving value due to the fluctuating price of eggs.

Enhanced cost savings are achieved as the glaze does not need to be chilled and has an impressive shelf life making it an excellent and practical alternative to egg and milk.

Available in powder format to be made up on site with cold water and as 'ready to use' Eziglaze is ambient stable and can be adjusted to match the viscosity of existing glazes, meaning manufacturers do not need to re-calibrate their equipment—helping to save both time and money.

Unlike many other products on the market, Eziglaze is able to replicate the same browning and gloss characteristics of egg and milk based glazes and stands out from competitors' products by having no chemicals or artificial components, as well as being GM free.

Ulrick & Short is dedicated to providing its customers with committed hands on service and its knowledgeable food technologists can give expert advice as well as deliver new ideas on how to integrate its ingredients into existing and new recipe formulations.

Eziglaze is just one of Ulrick & Short's growing ranges of ingredients, which includes binders, emulsifiers, fat replacers and phosphate alternatives. All of the company's clean label solutions have been developed to ensure that they do not compromise on taste, quality or texture.

About Ulrick & Short Ltd:

Formed in 2000, Ulrick & Short Ltd is a leading developer, designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality clean label ingredients, which are predominantly used by the UK food industry.

Ingredients developed by Ulrick & Short contain no chemicals or artificial components and are free from genetic modification. The company develops bespoke solutions to suit individual needs across a wide range of foods including processed meats, soups and sauces, baked goods and battered products.

All of Ulrick & Short's raw materials are processed by accredited partners worldwide and the quality of the ingredients is assured by the controlled environment of the company's own development kitchens.

The company already has an excellent reputation for its level of responsiveness in getting 'products to market' quickly.

Ulrick & Short's clean label ingredient range gives food producers the advantage of having simpler declarations without compromising on quality. The on-going success and continued investment into research and new product development drives the company forward, giving it a good advantage over its competitors.

More product details can be found at: www.ulrickandshort.com

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