Ultimate Nutrition Calls Upon All Sports Supplements Manufacturers to Participate in TruLabel Program

FARMINGTON, CT (March 16, 2007) -- Amid growing media reports targeting sports supplements as sources of banned drugs, Ultimate Nutrition Vice President Brian Rubino calls on all manufacturers in this product category to participate in the Natural Products Association’s TruLabel sports supplement testing program.

“Dietary supplements have become the scapegoat for failing drug tests,” Rubino said. “All responsible manufacturers of sports supplements should have proof that their products do not contain banned substances. This is an essential component in protecting the integrity of the product category.”

Ultimate Nutrition was one of a handful of sports supplements manufacturers whose products were included in the recent round of TruLabel testing for banned substances. Products were purchased anonymously and tested for stimulant and anabolic steroidal contaminants and ingredients in an independent 3rd party laboratory utilizing gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Testing incorporated appropriate spiking and recovery of certain compounds to insure proper extraction. Samples were screened for contaminants at a concentration of 10 ppm or less. Should it be necessary, which it was not in the products tested, confirmation of any detected banned substances would be made by mass spectroscopy and initial positive screens retested to confirm the presence of anabolic steroidal or stimulant contaminants. The identities of the products were not disclosed to the laboratories performing the testing.

All the tested products passed, including those made by Ultimate Nutrition.

The Natural Products Association’s VP of Scientific Affairs, Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., CSCS said “this round of testing only included members of our TruLabel program, but ad hoc testing is available to non-members of the association. We have more tests starting in late March, and encourage manufacturers who are not currently in good standing with TruLabel to participate. Interested companies should contact us now.”

“We know that our products are clean, and believe that independent tests verifying that fact are a useful and important component in maintaining consumer confidence,” Rubino said.

Dr. Fabricant added “In the handbook of excuses made by athletes who fail drug tests, blaming dietary supplements seems to be defense # 1, so this program can provide peace of mind. We are really targeting the parents who worry if their son or daughter takes these products.“

For information on the Natural Products Association’s TruLabel program as well as detailed test results visit at www.naturalproductsassoc.org.

Ultimate Nutrition was founded in 1979 by biochemist and top amateur power lifter Victor H. Rubino. Still family owned and operated, the company specializes in the finest quality, highly researched nutritional supplements for athletes.

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