Uncle Matt’s Organic Juices: Delivering Organic Juice to the World Through Better Packaging and Better Price

Clermont, FL (August 4, 2003) Uncle Matt’s Organic Juices makes the organic choice more accessible for consumers through its innovative packaging and pricing strategy by announcing its new 56 oz. size organic orange juice. Being the first company to repackage its juice in clear PET #1 plastic to ensure better juice quality, Uncle Matt’s Orange Juice is replacing its 64 oz. version with a 56 oz size that has a front and back label that displays more juice than the previous wrap around label. The SRP is $3.99 and is far more attractive to consumers than the previous pricing structure. According to Matt McLean, CEO, “We feel that price point is the biggest obstacle in getting consumers to switch to organic foods. Reducing the size and price will help people overcome the initial sticker shock they often experience when considering organic items. This will help grow the category by increasing the number of people that try organic for the first time.” He adds, “Once we get them to try our products, they become brand loyal customers because of our unique fresh flavor.” Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice is a delicious blend of Florida-grown Hamlin and Valencia oranges that provide an unforgettable “fresh-squeezed” taste. Packaged in 6 bottles per case, the new size juice will be available regionally by the end of August.

Last fall, the company announced its new PET#1 packaging in 10, 32 and 64 oz sizes for their premium quality organic orange juice. The move from gable top cartons was prompted by a commitment to not only improve packaging but also improve quality and taste through less flavor scalping. The new packaging also offers consumers the ability to easily recycle their juice containers, as PET #1 is the most recycled form of plastic in the U.S.

Uncle Matt’s offers premium quality, gourmet, organic juices with no additives or preservatives. The products are kosher certified and always promise that “fresh squeezed” taste. Uncle Matt’s Organic Juices are produced under the strict regulation and guidelines of the Florida Organic Growers Association, the largest and most respected organic organization in Florida. The company is an active member of OTA and supports the Organic Farming Research Foundation.


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