Understanding Regulatory Requirements for Natural Health Products in Canada

dicentra Inc.™, in collaboration with the Western Canadian Functional Food and Natural Health Product Network (WCFN), will host a live web seminar on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time providing an understanding of the regulatory requirements for NHPs in Canada. Registration for this web seminar and others is available at www.dicentra.ca/training/.

Health Canada reports that four in ten Canadians use at least one natural health product on a regular basis. Successfully bringing your product to the Canadian market could easily result in a substantial increase of your sales. However, the Natural Health Products Regulations in Canada are among the most stringent regulatory requirements for dietary supplements in the world. Understanding these regulations is a necessity when deciding to enter or already selling products on the Canadian market. dicentra has created this course to provide you with a basic understanding of these regulations. The course is prepared and delivered by William Morkel (about the speaker) and covers topics relating to the requirements for importing, product licensing, adverse reaction reporting and any other issues relating to the regulations for natural health products in Canada.

This course is not only intended for companies outside of Canada looking to bring or already bringing their products to Canada. Domestic companies would greatly benefit from this course as well by providing their marketing, regulatory, manufacturing, financial and executive departments a better understanding of the impact regulatory requirements will have on business functions throughout the shelf life of a product.

The presentation will stream live online from your personal computer. The $199 (Canadian Dollar) registration cost will provide you with one login and call-in number. The presentation will be approximately 60 minutes long and will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session. You will need a computer with internet access and a telephone to attend the course.

Click here to register for the event.

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