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Unigen Pharmaceuticals Partners with Canadian Company on Novel Weight Reduction Product

Lacey, WA – November 19, 2004 – Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a leading research and development company and supplier of proprietary, biologically active plant-derived ingredients to the natural products and pharmaceutical industries, has entered into a collaboration agreement with Santé Naturelle for producing and commercializing a natural weight reduction product using Unigen’s patent-pending, proprietary compound clinically proven to aid the body’s natural processes in achieving weight reduction.

Santé Naturelle, headquartered in La Prairie, Quebec, Canada, will feature Unigen’s DiAfin™ ingredient in Metabolix®, its new, 100% natural product that aids the body’s metabolism to help shed pounds and maintain a healthy weight. The ingredient is a patent-pending proprietary plant extract proven to be safe and effective through Unigen’s unique research and development capabilities.

According to Line Daigneault, Buying Director for Santé Naturelle, commercial foods are packed with sugars, mostly glucose and fructose. Consumption of sugars, which are carbohydrates, leads to obesity and triggers such illnesses as Type II diabetes. “Santé Naturelle has produced natural health products, with a focus on diet, for decades. Based on our recent successful human clinical trial, we know that Metabolix® has the potential to be a blockbuster product that will help many Canadians regain a sense of health and wellbeing.”

Unigen’s Executive Vice President, Regan Miles, pointed out that the human clinical trial it carried out on behalf of Santé Naturelle involved 60 participants and measured weight reduction by body mass. “After taking 250mg of Metabolix® each day for 90 days, average weight loss was significant” said Miles. “We are excited to provide Santé Naturelle with our scientific support—and our unique high-potency compound that delivers health benefits not easily obtained in today’s foods.”

Metabolix® is now being marketed in Quebec in a number of pharmacies, mass merchandise outlets and food stores.

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About Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Unigen is a leading natural products research and development company and proprietary ingredients supplier. The company is dedicated to the discovery of botanically derived therapeutic compounds that address consumer health needs and help improve the quality of human life. Its research and discovery process includes extensive work at both the human cell and gene level. Unigen (, and sister company Aloecorp, are subsidiaries of Univera, Inc. Unigen and Aloecorp each focus on identifying and studying the unique ingredients of medicinal botanicals (Aloecorp’s focus is on Aloe vera) and then formulating proprietary raw materials for use in cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.

About Santé Naturelle
Entrepreneur Adrien Gagnon formed the company in 1946 manufacturing and selling barbells and gym equipment. Over the years, Adrien Gagnon developed a line of food supplements, vitamins and minerals that were initially sold by mail order and door-to-door salesmen. In 1978, Santé Naturelle ( opened its first health food store, adding seven more over the next several years. Santé Naturelle eventually left the health food store and other distribution markets to focus on pharmacy distribution. The company launched Canada’s first line of meal replacement shakes and bars to its diet line. The company pursues its efforts developing a complete line of natural health products for a more natural approach to health issues. Adrien Gagnon products remain synonymous with quality and confidence throughout Quebec.

Regan Miles, Executive Vice President
Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
360-486-8200 Ext. 1511

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