Univera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Becomes Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Broomfield, CO, -- Univera Pharmaceuticals, a leading natural products research and development facility and proprietary raw material supplier announced that as of March 1, 2002, it has changed its name to Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Unigen is a subsidiary of Nam Yang, a world leader in nutraceutical and cosmeceutical research based in Seoul, South Korea, dedicated to health and wellness.

This name change for Univera combines all scientific resources and consequent recognition under one highly respected name, domestically and internationally, emphasizing its association with Unigen-Asia.

"The new name makes a lot of sense for us," said Derek Hall, chief executive officer of Unigen Pharmaceuticals. "As our business grows and we develop a higher profile, we recognize the need to have one common name, worldwide, that better reflects who we are and what our business is about."

Unigen will have a large presence in May at the SupplySide East convention in Secaucus, NJ, where it plans to introduce several proprietary ingredients. This trade show is a premier opportunity for Unigen to exhibit its sophisticated research and development capabilities to an audience of educated marketers, purchasers and scientists.

Unigen is dedicated to the discovery of botanically derived therapeutic compounds that address critical medical needs and improve the quality of life.

Using the Phytologix(TM) process, a proprietary screening technology integrated with clinical testing and pharmaceutical-level quality control, Unigen identifies, develops and manufactures high-quality, innovative and efficacious botanical therapeutics for the dietary supplement and OTC markets.

Unigen and sister company Aloecorp are subsidiaries of the Unigen Group of companies. Each company focuses on identifying and studying the unique ingredients of medicinal botanicals, and then formulating proprietary raw materials for use in cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.

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