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Universal Nutrition Launches a New Whey Isolate Protein Product, Ultra Iso Whey(TM)

September 15, 2004 – Universal Nutrition, a sports supplement and health nutrition manufacturer, has launched Ultra Iso Whey, its ultrafiltrated whey protein isolate with absolutely no carbs, sugar, lactose or fat. Ultra Iso Whey contains 100% whey protein isolates and offers 21 grams of protein per scoop.

Not all whey proteins are created equal. The purest form, whey protein isolate, is a higher quality protein. These superior whey protein isolates have more protein, less fat and carbs, than their counterparts, whey protein concentrates. Isolates typically have 90-98% protein rather than 70-85% protein in whey concentrates. Whey isolates have less than 1% lactose compared to the 5-6% in concentrates making whey isolates easily tolerated. Isolates are also higher quality and purified with a higher biological value.

While there are distinct differences between whey protein concentrates and whey protein isolates, there are also differences between different whey protein isolate products. Ultra Iso Whey contains all the essential amino acids and is high in BCAAs. With Ultra Iso Whey we don’t add any gums, binders, fillers, and thickeners to weigh the shake down or interfere with the absorption. And because we use only ultrafiltrated whey isolate, Ultra Iso Whey preserves the important biological fractions found in whey such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, GMP, and BSA. When it comes to quality proteins, Ultra Iso Whey is a higher quality protein source offering superior mixability. With our Ultra Iso Whey, you get a whey isolate shake you can mix with a spoon, one that goes down easy and tastes great. Ultra Iso Whey currently comes in tropical punch flavor.

For more than twenty years, Universal Nutrition has been a leading supplement manufacturer dedicated to developing breakthrough nutritional products that are excellent in quality and competitive in price. Universal Nutrition offers more than one hundred products, from bodybuilding supplements to low carb bars. Headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Universal manufactures its products in its state of the art facilities and enjoys extensive international distribution. Ultra Iso Whey can be found in health food stores, gyms and sports supplement stores nationwide as well as internationally.

Universal Nutrition

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