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University Research Leads to World's First 100% All-Natural Athletic Enhancer - 'Peak Performance(TM) Sports Inhaler(TM)'

SEATTLE, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The inhaling of peppermint vapors has been proven to improve an athlete's speed, strength, and endurance and substantially decrease fatigue. The new Peak Performance(TM) Sports Inhaler(TM) gives athletes a competitive edge naturally.

Based on university clinical research and human performance lab testing by researcher Dr. Bryan Raudenbush of Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, WV., The Peak Performance(TM) Sports Inhaler(TM) is being marketed this fall by Glenn Safadago of HealthCare International, see .

"Everyone is looking for an all-natural enhancer that will give them a competitive edge," says Safadago. "The Sports Inhaler(TM) is for the professional or college athlete, and the weekend warrior looking to breathe new life back into his or her game." Safadago's background is in cardiology, sports medicine testing and the commercial fitness industry.

The Sports Inhaler is a simple nasal inhaler that can be used by anyone. Any age athlete can benefit from the Peak Performance(TM) Sports Inhaler(TM) by inhaling the peppermint vapors before, during and/or after exercise or competition.

"The ultimate goal of my research has been to develop a non-pharmacological aid that will improve athletic performance," says Dr. Raudenbush. "In an age where athletic competitions are frequently won or lost by mere hundredths of seconds, any non-pharmacological aid that could enhance performance could be rapidly accepted. Mood and motivation are major factors in improving an athlete's performance and the psychological changes associated with peppermint vapors resulted in measurable improvements in an athlete's performance."

The Peak Performance Sports Inhaler(TM) product is $2.99 and will be available in stores nationally this fall. News of the Peak product as already spread internationally with distribution interest from Japan, Australia, Europe and South America.

For additional information or clinical data about the Peak Performance(TM) Sports Inhaler(TM) please contact: Laureen Nienaber at HealthCare International at 206-285.5219 or by email at Visit the website at

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