Upcoming Event: State-of-the-Science Conference on Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements and Chronic Disease Prevention

The Office of Dietary Supplements and the Office of Medical Applications of Research of the National Institutes of Health are convening a Consensus Conference on the State of the Science regarding MultiVitamins and Minerals and Chronic Disease, May 15-17, 2006, at the Natcher Conference Center, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD. The goal of the conference is to assess the evidence available on MultiVitamins and Mineral use and outcomes for chronic disease prevention in adults, and to make recommendations for future research.

Specific questions to be addressed include current patterns of use, intake of users versus non users, efficacy in chronic disease prevention, safety and knoweldge gaps and opportujnities for future research.

There will be substantial opportunity for comment and input during the conference from those who attend, and stong scientific participation is encouraged.

Online Registration and Agenda Site:

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