US Omega, Inc., Announces the Launch of its Premier Product, Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000 mg Softgels

US Omega, Inc. (US Omega) announces initiation of operations with the launch of its premier product, Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000 mg softgels in bulk and as a bottled, retail-ready product. US Omega was created to supply the unmet requirement in the dietary supplement marketplace for value pricing on the most popular and important nutritional products. The company will introduce U.S.-made, bulk 1000 mg purified fish oil softgels containing 30% total omega-3 fatty acids, the number-one selling dietary supplement in the U.S. market. The company will also introduce a bottled version of the same product under its own brand for customers such as retail stores and medical practitioners that want to offer the benefits of omega-3s to their clients at a market-leading price.

The management team at US Omega analyzed the current market for omega-3 fish oil products and recognized that the typical pricing model for bulk capsules and bottled products reflected high pricing driven by profit taking at every level of the supply chain. If this supply chain could be flattened to achieve efficiencies, the brand marketer, the retailer, and ultimately the consumer could benefit from the availability of a product that complied with all relevant quality standards and did not reflect the high cost of repetitive administration and marketing. US Omega has created unique relationships in South America for its bulk fish oil supply and in the U.S. for encapsulation. These relationships and control over the product, from biomass-to-bottle, facilitate tremendous market efficiencies.

Managing Director, Herrie Tantono, stated that “US Omega creates an opportunity to for the independent retailer and brand marketer to compete in both quality and price with the more expensive products currently in the marketplace. We are committed to offering factory-direct pricing and maximum consumer value. Our plan is to take advantage of additional opportunities where value can be extracted from the traditional distribution chain and delivered to the brand marketer, retailer, and ultimate consumer of nutritional products. Given the current economic environment, it is imperative that our industry offer customers the best possible value in nutritional supplements. US Omega is not just a new brand but a new way of doing business. Our flat-tier pricing, minimized organization structure, and complete focus on delivering high-quality, successful, market proven products at the best possible price will allow more consumers to enjoy the benefits of supplemental nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.”

US Omega, Inc. is a minority owned, Southern California-based business focused on delivering extraordinary value to the nutritional products industry by undisputedly providing the most competitive price on key supplements in both bulk and retail-ready bottled format. For more information please e-mail [email protected], phone 866-347-6367, or visit

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