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USN picks Wellmune WGP for its Immune Re-build supplement

USN picks Wellmune WGP for its Immune Re-build supplement
South African company chose Wellmune WGP because clinical research backs its abilities to aid in stress management, improve immune system function and increase energy.

The leading sports nutrition company in South Africa, Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN), has selected Wellmune WGP® for its new Immune Re-build® supplement that is designed to support wellness and general health.

Wellmune WGP is clinically proven to safely prime the immune system to keep the body healthy. Numerous peer-reviewed studies demonstrate the ability of Wellmune WGP to promote upper respiratory tract health.

Several human clinical studies demonstrate the ability of Wellmune WGP to reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms in athletes, including marathon runners, engaged in high intensity exercise.

“We selected Wellmune WGP for our Immune Re-build because it is the most researched and clinically proven single ingredient to enhance stress management, improve general health and immune system function, as well as increase energy and vitality,” said Irma Botes, R&D Manager for USN. Botes noted that along with the clinical evidence to support Wellmune, its safety profile and the fact that is a natural ingredient to support the body’s natural defenses had added appeal.

“The launch of Immune Re-build continues to expand the reach and availability of Wellmune WGP in global markets, testament to its compelling immune health benefits and the broad scale interest among athletes and trainers for immune health dietary supplementation,” said Rich Mueller, president and chief executive officer of Biothera.

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