V-Net and Meritage Wine Brokerage Enter into an Agreement for Herbal Wines

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December 27, 2004 Monday 8:17 PM GMT

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BLUE ISLAND, Ill. & RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. Dec. 27, 2004

V-Net Beverage, Inc (Pink Sheets:VNTB.PK) and Meritage Wine Brokerage of California announced today an agreement has been reached for V-Net to supply Meritage with botanicals for their herb infused specialty wines. V-Net has secured an equity position in the company, as part of this agreement.

Meritage's President and CEO James Clements states, "V-Net's vast experience and network for sourcing high quality botanicals are essential for Meritage's quality control and marketing edge. V-Net's long-term relationship with the herb American ginseng and other botanical suppliers will insure an adequate supply to meet a national demand. Meritage can now confidently focus on national distribution of its specialty wine brands."

V-Net's President Robert Corr concurs with Meritage's estimation that herbal infused wines are the emerging trend in the wine category today. Mr. Corr further stated: "The use of botanicals in beverages since the early 1900's has slowly grown. However, a demand has emerged over the last 5 years and trends indicate that herbal infused beverages are now here to stay."

Meritage Wine Brokerage (www.meritagewinebrokerage.net) is a licensed, full service importer of fine wines from around the world. Meritage works with its international winery clients to provide Agent/ Broker services that assure their brands have the broadest market coverage to achieve their U.S. winery goals. Meritage also co-ordinates U.S. bottling of custom branded specialty wines for its distribution partners.

V-Net Beverages (www.enjoytherush.com) is the licensed marketing agent for Rush Herbal Cola (TM), Ginseng Rush (TM), Ginseng Rush XXX (TM) and Allimax Nutraceutical Water (TM). Additionally V-Net markets Micro Laboratories, Inc. MicroSpray(R) (OTC Bulletin Board:MLAR) and Fire Mountain Beverage Company (Pink Sheets:FRBV.PK) vitamin fortified beverages through their distribution channels.

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